Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Flowers

I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, I decorated the tree last night and had the usual nightmare with the Christmas lights a lot of the bulbs have stopped working and are not replaceable, so am going to to have to nip out this afternoon and get some new ones.  I have also put the Christmas wreath on the front door, however mine is not a patch on these one's, I saw these pop up on Wee Birdy's blog the other day and I think they are gorgeous.  I really miss fresh cut flowers, here in our rural, mountainous corner of France, the florists in the local town are a bit hit and miss and don't get me started on the flowers on offer in the local supermarket, they are crap, they have already wilted in the shop.  It's no wonder the local garden centres do a roaring trade in silk flowers.

  When we go to Belle Mere's in Provence the fresh flowers are beautiful, fresh and inexpensive, I buy armfuls of them for Belle Mere. I think when I nip out to the garden centre to get the lights I will also purchase  a few Amaryllis and Orchids in pots just so I can get my Christmas flower fix.

Never, ever try to dismantle existing fairy lights off an already decorated tree, I am now attempting to put the new lights on, I am currently tangled up in ten metre fairy lights and very frustrated, not to mention the dislodged ribbons and bouncing baubles!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


  1. Your house must be very festive and beautiful this time of the year. Thanks for the inspirations....I needed it to make me feel a bit more Christmasy!!

  2. I have to go shopping for flowers this afternoon.
    Yesterday all they had were Poinsettias and I wanted something more like the flowers in your photos.
    My new quest ! lol

  3. These are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them! I'm feeling a little floral inspiration now ...

  4. They are lovely! They look gorgeous on the table too. You've reminded me to put fresh flowers on my Christmas shopping list... Yes I've done one already. Anything to try and get in the mood!

    I bought some new candle holders today and I have them lit with scented candles. It's working a teeny bit so far. I won't put my tree up until next weekend then I shall really feel it. Have a fab weekend xx

  5. Really pretty wreaths. Can't imagine living in a climate where one could use live flowers. I'm way jealous!

  6. I've got a Christmas wreath - bought it last weekend and have it sitting in the porch, in the cold, where it stares up reproachfully every time I leave the house.

    MUST get it hung up on the front door somehow today!

    Mine is just ivy and I'll be customising it by stuffing bits of rosemary and lavender into it. Not for some deeply symbolic reason, but because they're all I've got :-)

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Getting in the spirit of things :-D


  7. Très jolies couronnes!

  8. I love those floral wreaths. Also, the floral border around the candle is so pretty.
    I am inspired to decorate for Christmas but I just can't seem to find the time.....

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