Friday, November 12, 2010

Julie Christie

Julie Christie, Britains darling of the sixties, Oscar winning actress, stage actress and style icon.  I have always admired her, I remember watching 'Billy Liar' with my Brother when we were quite young, he must have been around fourteen, like a lot of young men he became smitten.

With Tom Courtenay in 'Billy Liar'

At the Premier for 'Darling'

'Doctor Zhivago'

David Bailey


 With François Truffaut celebrating after the filming of 'Fahrenheit 451' 

 Philip Townsend

 With Warren Beatty in 'Shampoo'

 Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. Julie Christie was..Is a beautiful woman. I have a friend who looks just like her.. She used to be Miss Wales, I think she may have been Miss UK too and a page three girl google Sian Adey Jones she is Julie Christie on Viagra xx

  2. I know it will make me sound dreadfully cranky, but they just don't make em like that anymore.

    And I love it that she hasn't altered her glorious face! She remains as exquisite as ever.

  3. My husband, a student at the time, was an extra on the set of 'Billy Liar' and stood behind Julie Christie in one scene. I was quite relieved when he announced that her stockings were wrinkled and her legs slightly bandy! (We've looked for him several times over the years but I think he's on the cutting room floor!)

  4. She's got that certain look that the camera just I scrolled through the images I was hoping for a current image and you came through!
    She looks even better than I imagined!

    I do so love the film Shampoo.

  5. I loved looking at these photographs. She's utterly beautiful.

  6. I loved looking at all of those old photos !
    I have always loved Julie Christie and all of her films and always wished I looked like her !
    I look nothing like her :)
    And to top off her looks, she is so very smart and kind.

  7. She's my other half's teenage pin-up and yet he married me! Am nothing like her either; wish I was!

  8. She looks like a female Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Emperor).


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