Saturday, January 21, 2012


Still from 'The Artist'

"What a cheek, just who does THAT Jack Russell think he is?  The role should have been mine, MINE! Snatched from under my very nose, by THAT American upstart! And to add insult to injury it's a French made film, good job it's a silent picture, otherwise he would have never been able to carry it off.  I ask you! What is wrong with these casting directors? Don't they recognise true star quality?"
 "What kind of a name is Uggie anyway? Glad I am not named after an Australian sheepskin boot!"

Don't worry, he will get over it!

Here is Uggie's exclusive interiew for The Guardian...

 Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hello, Dash.

      Even more severe in winter, but.
      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan ruma ❃

  2. Love the way he crosses his legs - natural elegance - that alone should have got him the role! I think he needs to speak to his agent.

  3. Clearly Crusoe has grounds for complaint....extra treats and cuddles are needed to 'gruntle' him again.

  4. Dash - I love it.

    I am looking forward to seeing the movie next week.

    Thank you for this joyful morning smile

  5. Crusoe needs and agent.

    He is so right, the part should have gone to him, but life isn't fair.

    You could probably act as his agent. That crossed paw bit should go into his "book" -- he definitely has star quality written all over him.

    Good luck and keep us au courant.


  6. I'm so ticked off that "The Artist" only played in selected theaters in NYC, and not out here on Long Island where I could get to it. Am waiting impatiently for the DVD release...

    Love your dog!

  7. Uggie on the escalator is a hoot!...but I am quite sure that my 6 year old rescue, russell named Macey Mae could get him thinking of something other than movie making....(man, she's smart!)

  8. Crusoe is without a doubt a much more dapper chap!

  9. Haven't seen this yet, was so surprised to hear it was the production company of the OSS-117 films, now i can hardly wait...

  10. Tell Crusoe that an American friend thought of him through the entire film!

  11. They must have assumed that Crusoe was booked, or perhaps that they couldn't afford him. A travesty either way!

    Had planned to see The Artist, but perhaps now I shall boycott...

  12. Crusoe, you're the best! I will come and see your first movie as soon as it is released. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  13. Too funny! Once again, Crusoe steals the show! Dash, that dog of yours is just too much!!!

  14. Oh Dash,
    So is the way of show business !! There is always disappointment....he was obviously not quite right for the role but, I'm sure that there's another part just around the corner !! Lassie probably had many rejections along the way !!
    Thanks for your comment today. I,too, LOVE Gershwin so this was wonderful.
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  15. this dog is just adorable! my mom cannot get enough of him and I have to admit, he is really sweet!
    Can't wait to see this film but probably won't come to my area

  16. Maisie is equally put out. A mere Jack Russell, I ask you! Doesn't the casting director know that smooth fox terriers are the most elegant and intelligent dogs in all the world? (Just a little bit of bias showing here.)
    Oh, my, but Jean Dejardin has a very wicked smile!


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