Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something for the Weekend

BBC Panorama, broadcast April 1st 1957

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, try not to get caught out on Sunday Morning!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Mad For Mad Men

Just watched the first two episodes of Mad Men, It's as good as ever and I am simply mad for Megans wardrobe, especially this coral zig zag coat. I could not even go to to the loo or make a cup of tea during the ad breaks as on Sky Atlantic most of the adverts were original ads from the sixties, don't know whose idea this was but what a stroke of genius...roll on next Tuesday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Bird Story II

Indignant (and with all reason to be) Mrs Dove

I came home from grocery shopping the other week, I plonked my shopping basket on the kitchen table and MG shouted from the terrace "be careful of the eggs" I looked at the kitchen table and saw two perfect, off white, smooth, opaque and still warm perfect little eggs, Dove eggs to be precise, only narrowly missed from being splattered by my shopping basket.

 Spring is well and truly here in the Pyrenees and our resident Ring Collared Doves have been busy.  That is until MG wielded his chainsaw and lopped a few branches off a giant Bay tree, a squawking, very cross Dove flew out and a nest dropped into MG's hands with the two eggs inside. We tried to save the eggs, I made a new nest, out of a cardboard box, packing material and cotton wool, placed them on a bookshelf and directed the office desk lamp onto them... to no avail I am afraid.

  After this our Doves have once again been very busy flying about with twigs, they have now made a new nest, that just happens to be in the Neflier tree, which shades the terrace and is overlooked by our balcony, (I think they have figured, those stupid humans ain't going to be messing with this tree) they have laid new eggs and are now in the process of incubating them, they even let me peer into the tree and let me photograph the process, under the circumstances I think they have been very forgiving, I will keep you posted of all new developments...

To see past sagas of the Doves that live in our garden go here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Isabella Rossellini

I watched a program today that featured Isabella Rossellini, wow... there she was as she is, with no artifice. Intelligent, elegant, gracious, warm and beautiful, no plastic surgery, every line on her face clear to see.  I decided she is someone who comes across as a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside, this is a woman of substance and style.  I feel like I grew up with her, I suspect many people feel the same way.  In the eighties it was hard to open a magazine without seeing her image, there were her edgy film choices, she was unforgettable in Blue Velvet and then there was the Lancôme campaign which she fronted for so many years before being dropped by Lancôme in her forties for being deemed too old.

Here in France, we hardly see or hear of her any more, she has never gone out of her way to court the limelight, one gets the impression she makes her choices on her own terms, things she really believes in.  As a woman wearing casual clothes and no make up she is a natural beauty, when she turns up the volume with make up, signature dark red lipstick and jewellery (this is a lady who knows how to wear jewellery).  She blows others out of the water.  Isabella is a lady growing older gracefully, she is a true icon and she was there all along.

With her Mother, screen legend Ingrid Bergman (Isabella's resemblance to her Mother is uncanny)

Even at a young age her signature style is evident, simple lines and great jewellery

With David Lynch, Helmut Newton

Stills from Death Becomes Her

As Marella Agnelli in Infamous

As well as her acting and modelling career Isabella is also a writer, film-maker, Mother and Philanthropist, she is on the board of Wildlife Conservation Network, she is also involved with training guide dogs for the blind and president and director of the Howard Gilman Foundation, a leading institution focused on the preservation of wildlife, arts, photography and dance.

Her latest acting roll is playing Gabriella Guglielmi-Valentino in 'Silent Life' a silent film based on the life of Rudolph Valentino which will be released later this year, below is the trailer.

More Pictures and quotes from Isabella here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Something For The Weekend

The late, Great, Chalky the Jack Russell, takes a dislike to the sound equipment and once again upstages his Master, British TV Chef and Restaurateur Rick Stein.

I promise this is not turning into a dog blog but I could not resist this.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Apologies for my blogging hiatus, for various reasons, I am currently rethinking this blog, will fill you in soon. In the meantime I leave you with THE very handsome, charismatic, intense, charming and extremely wise, the one and only, Crusoe.

This is the face that stares me awake every morning, when the intense staring does not awaken me he jumps on and off the bed and if that fails, he brings a shoe or a boot and kicks it around the room until I get up! Except when it's raining, this is when I have a chance to get my own back, it is my turn to drag Crusoe away from his slumbers and his cosy, comfy bed.