Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Apologies for my blogging hiatus, for various reasons, I am currently rethinking this blog, will fill you in soon. In the meantime I leave you with THE very handsome, charismatic, intense, charming and extremely wise, the one and only, Crusoe.

This is the face that stares me awake every morning, when the intense staring does not awaken me he jumps on and off the bed and if that fails, he brings a shoe or a boot and kicks it around the room until I get up! Except when it's raining, this is when I have a chance to get my own back, it is my turn to drag Crusoe away from his slumbers and his cosy, comfy bed.


  1. Oh my. That face. A face to sail a thousand ships, non? I can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve but at the same time dearly love what you are already doing and so, am, admittedly, hoping that you don't fix something that isn't, in fact, broken.
    With all my Best from Arles,

  2. Hello Dash, I've missed you. Only you can decide which path is the best for you to follow. Which direction will feel right for you. I will wait.

    As I said: I've missed you - and Crusoe. He's such a charmer. Your second photo here is stunning. (And that is NOT all about Crusoe's charm. Your photo is gorgeous.)

  3. Please don't throw us to the dogs, even if he is an adorable one.
    I look forward to your posts more than I do the monthly arrival of Vanity Fair.
    Whatever direction you take, know that I wish you all the best.
    X David

  4. Don't take too much time to think Dash, we count on you for our dose of culture and good taste! Not to mention how much we'd miss Crusoe

  5. I LOVE CRUSOE! I love him, I love him, I just do. xo

  6. Oh, there is nothing like waking to a face like that !
    If you feel like changing or moving elsewhere, please take us with you.

    Changes are afoot here too but you all get to come along :)
    besos, C

  7. You have left us in good paws. I love this little dog!

  8. It's always great to see the divine Crusoe! Take your time but don't be too long! x

  9. You can tell he has a lot of personality. What a handsome fellow he is. Hurry back!

  10. Luffly dawgie! Hurry back :-)

    Ali x

  11. Don't be away too long.

  12. I look forward to your posts...so do hope to see more - in whatever form - shortly.

    Meanwhile, lovely photographs of Crusoe!

    My lot don't believe in staring...it's the wet nose in the ear followed by an anxious scrabbling at the bedclothes...

  13. This blog is heaven. I hope you are able to keep it going.

  14. Crusoe is irresistible and so are your words and photos. I wanted to say: Bonjour, je suis tres heureuse d'avoir decouvert ton blog :). Kisses.


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