Friday, June 29, 2012

Something for the Weekend

Some beautiful works by Neapolitan painter Gianni Strino...

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back Home

We have now returned from our sojourn east,  I am back home in the foothills of the Pyrenees...

The Jasmine has been busy whilst we have been away and now it is at it's zenith, it's perfume is scenting the air at the front and back of the house, I think the humidity of this mountainous corner of France makes it even more pungent than the Jasmine in the east...


One small creature is delighted to be back home on his manor, free to roam round the garden, fields and country lanes.

 "Now this looks like a nice cool spot"

"That's it, put your back into it woman"

"I have proffered help, they will call me if they need me"

Reality bites, I have a house and garden to prepare for an onslaught of Summer visitors.

Back Soon.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Life Aquatic

Recently I had the opportunity to take to the water and practice my aquatic photography...

I adore Manatees, such prehistoric, gentle and lugubrious creatures, I just want to give them a big hug!

Why are Sea Lions called Sea Lions?  Just look at that face and those whiskers, they are Sea Dogs.
 Below they remind me of a group of gentlemen waiting to be served at the bar.

Who doesn't love a Dolphin, they are the living embodiment of 'smile and the world smiles with you'

Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer to, he didn't really do much for Shark PR did he! I for one am petrified of them, I really don't like them at all, I mean just look at their beady eye's, ugh!

Penguins, comical and adorable...

And incredibly fast and graceful under the water, blink and you've missed them.

Jelly fish, annoying and occasionally deadly but beautiful and ethereal in the water.

It's a well known fact that fashion and textile designers often take inspiration from the natural

Zandra Rhodes

Carolina Herrera

Jean Paul Gaultier

Versace Neon Resort Wear Spring/Summer 2013

Miu Miu

Dolce and Gabbana glittering Piranhas

"Because your worth it"!

I am sure you have all guessed that I did not so much as dip my toe in the water, all these photographs were taken at the Aquarium in Genoa's old Port, we got access all area complimentary tickets as part of our hotel deal and I must admit it was a very pleasurable way to spend a couple of hours, especially as it was raining outside!

"No please do not pull me out of the water by my tail"!

Don't think David Attenborough has anything to worry about just yet!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend

Monday, June 18, 2012

Aix with Heather from Lost in Arles

I love it when a plan comes together, and the plan was to meet up with fellow blogger, the lovely Heather from the wonderful blog; Lost in Arles.  The arrangement was to meet up in Aix-En-Provence, conveniently situated halfway for both of us and had the added advantage of being a town we both adore.  It's exciting and slightly daunting meeting up with someone you have never met before but within seconds an immediate rapport was established, her warmth, beauty and intelligence shone through and we could not stop talking, I don't know how many conversations we started and did not finish as we kept bouncing from one subject to another!

As it was around midday, we headed straight for lunch, I willingly followed Heather as her knowledge of Aix is excellent, (despite her telling me she did not know Aix very well!) she led the way to a wonderful area chock full of gorgeous, outdoor eateries we were spoilt for choice, we finally settled on this one, where, well you can see what we ordered!  It was lovely but eating was slow going as we were talking so much!

What do two bloggers who both love architecture, history, art, beautiful things, food, fine wine, antiques and photography do after lunch...

Silly question, amble round, taking photographs and wandering into any beautiful or interesting shop which happened to catch our eye.

There was a funny cartoon moment, when simultaneously, like roadrunner, we both stopped dead in our tracks, we had spied the same entranceway, we backtracked to photograph it...layer upon layer of architectural beauty, I love the warm, sun blushed apricot hewn stone of Aix.

Heather led the way through a labyrinth of beautiful streets and squares, pointing out interesting detail along the way I had no idea where I was, it was wonderful.

Heather has previously blogged about Emmaus in Aix, it is the best Emmaus I have ever been into, it's just a shame I came by train, I could have had a field day in there, next time I am coming in a pick up or a van however a couple of small purchases were made!

Is there anything better than wandering around on a beautiful day, with great company, taking in the architecture and character of a town.

I fell in love with the the Place de Trois Ormeaux, with it's fountain and wonderful épicerie, with shade covered, outdoor tables serving drinks.

How about that for a wine cooler... I lost Heather for a while here as we were both furiously snapping, she eventually emerged with the statement, "you must see inside l'Epicerie", epicurians look away now...

Another wonderful, ancient hidden little square.

I had a wonderful day with Heather, getting to know Aix a little better, the only problem was the time went too fast.

When my train pulled out of Aix station I had that rare, warm feeling inside that I had met a kindred spirit and made a true friend for life.

Heather has also written an account of the day, we did not discuss which photos we would post or what we would write, all we agreed is we would publish simultaneously.  You can find Heathers post and wonderful blog below: