Monday, June 18, 2012

Aix with Heather from Lost in Arles

I love it when a plan comes together, and the plan was to meet up with fellow blogger, the lovely Heather from the wonderful blog; Lost in Arles.  The arrangement was to meet up in Aix-En-Provence, conveniently situated halfway for both of us and had the added advantage of being a town we both adore.  It's exciting and slightly daunting meeting up with someone you have never met before but within seconds an immediate rapport was established, her warmth, beauty and intelligence shone through and we could not stop talking, I don't know how many conversations we started and did not finish as we kept bouncing from one subject to another!

As it was around midday, we headed straight for lunch, I willingly followed Heather as her knowledge of Aix is excellent, (despite her telling me she did not know Aix very well!) she led the way to a wonderful area chock full of gorgeous, outdoor eateries we were spoilt for choice, we finally settled on this one, where, well you can see what we ordered!  It was lovely but eating was slow going as we were talking so much!

What do two bloggers who both love architecture, history, art, beautiful things, food, fine wine, antiques and photography do after lunch...

Silly question, amble round, taking photographs and wandering into any beautiful or interesting shop which happened to catch our eye.

There was a funny cartoon moment, when simultaneously, like roadrunner, we both stopped dead in our tracks, we had spied the same entranceway, we backtracked to photograph it...layer upon layer of architectural beauty, I love the warm, sun blushed apricot hewn stone of Aix.

Heather led the way through a labyrinth of beautiful streets and squares, pointing out interesting detail along the way I had no idea where I was, it was wonderful.

Heather has previously blogged about Emmaus in Aix, it is the best Emmaus I have ever been into, it's just a shame I came by train, I could have had a field day in there, next time I am coming in a pick up or a van however a couple of small purchases were made!

Is there anything better than wandering around on a beautiful day, with great company, taking in the architecture and character of a town.

I fell in love with the the Place de Trois Ormeaux, with it's fountain and wonderful épicerie, with shade covered, outdoor tables serving drinks.

How about that for a wine cooler... I lost Heather for a while here as we were both furiously snapping, she eventually emerged with the statement, "you must see inside l'Epicerie", epicurians look away now...

Another wonderful, ancient hidden little square.

I had a wonderful day with Heather, getting to know Aix a little better, the only problem was the time went too fast.

When my train pulled out of Aix station I had that rare, warm feeling inside that I had met a kindred spirit and made a true friend for life.

Heather has also written an account of the day, we did not discuss which photos we would post or what we would write, all we agreed is we would publish simultaneously.  You can find Heathers post and wonderful blog below:


  1. Oh hooray! We did it! And I have a feeling that we will get a bigger kick out of discovering each other's posts than any one else... :) Did you see how what we wrote is so similar as well? That and your gorgeous photos made me smile so widely (I loved seeing what I didn't see!), really I am laughing and grinning from ear to ear. Kindred spirits and dear friends, that is us.

    And to Dash's faithful readers, yep, I can tell you straight that she is the real thing, absolutely as lovely and charming as you could ever imagine and very funny to boot!

  2. Hi Dash...I just caame over from Heather's blog because I had to see the difference between your posts. Heather is right, you write alike and photograph the same. How wonderful you found a friend who enjoys and likes so much that you do. I'm now your newest follower because I can't wait to see more.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello Dash

    What a day of friendship, good food, exploring and just hanging out comfortably. I would love to have been along. Lunch looked delicious.
    I am delighted to read of your friendship with Heather and having so much in common. Who knew this kind of meeting would happen when you started blogging.

    Your images are spectacular and Place de Troix is very unusual.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  4. Hello Dash! Popping over from Heather's blog. It's so nice to "meet" you. I'm reveling in the beautiful day the two of you had and wishing that I could have followed along in your footsteps. Failing that, I think I'll have to take another look through your gorgeous photographs! XO

  5. Your photos are SO gorgeous, I love how you see the world! I love that you are in the world! This is such a lovely post (as all of yours are!) Thanks you so much for taking us along! Excellent and yummy!!

  6. Bonjour Dash. I am in Paris and was just checking out some favorite blogs of mine... and I found this wonderful post. So happy for you and Heather. Two of my favorite fellow bloggers met and got along famously ! Loved your pics, and Heather's of course. Heading down to Nice in a few days and will be looking forward to hooking up with a couple of "virtual" friends myself :-) Veronique (French GIrl in Seattle

  7. What an amazing time you must've had! I love all the photos and feel almost as if I had been there. I'm looking forward to a trip there sometime soon myself! Just lovely! And how wonderful it is to meet up with another kindred soul!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. You two make beautiful music together and now you have a new Fan!

    I'm looking forward to more of your posts and any future posts you do with Heather.


  9. It's so very fascinating to read the different accounts, but also to see the different images. I don't fully agree with Heather because to me, you each have very specific photograhic styles - same town, but a separate aspect of atmosphere is revealed in each. This is SO much better than a guide book!

    Dying to know, did you talk in French or English?

  10. JUST EXQUISITE........Two kindred spirits with so much to share.I'm a tad bit jealous......but very HAPPY for both of YOU!What was that sandwich HEATHER was eating?Looked DIVINE!

  11. Dash this is just so sweet I love what you wrote about were in great "tourguide" hands I had read a previous post of hers on Aix! How wonderful to meet and have an instant connection :)
    Off to check out her post, loved your pics felt like I was there with you both
    Carla x

  12. Hello Dash,

    I love your post and can see why you and Heather had such a fun time together... Aix is a wonderful town and you two have done it proud....

    Great shots... and what about those green and white canisters... aren't they the best! xv

  13. Hi Dash,
    This is Heather's sister, Robin - so nice to meet you and share in this wonderful adventure you two had, and which I'd heard so much about! I love your post and photos, and it is amazing to see how your posts are the same but different!

    So nice to "meet" you, and I hope you and Heather can continue your friendship!

  14. Fine-tuned sensibilities definitely in sync.
    Lovely to see
    thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, I do adore that Heather. Good to see you again, Dash.

  16. Thank you for a beautiful post and pictures! those doorways/entrances are so very intriguing.

  17. This was so much fun to read Dash...I am so glad you met Heather, I am not surprised you both connected so well...great minds think alike, I can tell that from reading both your blogs. Your photos are wonderful..I can feel the excitement as you turned every corner...I can even hear you both giggling, especially when you found the that bike and your reference to layer upon layer of architectural beauty for it surely is just that.
    Best wishes Dash and thank you for this fabulous post!
    Jeanne xx

  18. I found your blog by way of Heather's post about your meet-up in Aix. Interesting what sights caught your different eyes. Have a good day.

  19. It is so much fun to be here, on another continent, vicariously enjoying the day (and the food) you two shared together! It all looks so yummy. I'm with Vicki- I'd love an entire wall of those green & white cannisters...somewhere!

  20. Just popped over from Heather's blog to say hi & see your beautiful photos. You see, I too am very curious!!

    ~ Clare x

  21. You are more of a curator than a blogger, just going out and will come back later and thoroughly enjoy with a cup of tea and slice of cake. my half-hearted efforts v sad by comparison!

  22. Oh I wish I could have joined you!! I just adore Aix and meeting both of you would have made a perfect day!! I know exactly where you ate and that lunch looks delicious! Your shots are beautiful Dash!! I am so far behind in visiting - I must rush over to see Heather's version!!

  23. What a feast for the eyes...Going to check out Heather's post as well.

  24. It all looks so gorgeous, Dash! I can't wait to go there myself in the next two months. Gotta go check Heather's blog now... Have a lovely day, and thank you for sharing this.

  25. I just finished re-reading M.F.K. Fisher's book about her time in Aix, so seeing your photos was a special delight.

  26. Lovely post. I smiled when I saw the Rose' in the fountain.

  27. Beautiful post and photos! What a lovely time you had together.
    Just stumbled upon your blog via Quintessence.
    xoxo, B

  28. Look what just arrived in my inbox! I don't know what zzzt of the internet published this again but oh my did it make me SO happy!!! Sooo haaaappy (and no not in that Holly Golightly when she is drunk way). But it was a touch bittersweet too. How is it that we haven't seen each other since then? We HAVE to take care of that please and soon. Because I miss you, superstar that you are...
    Gros, gros Bisous,


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