Friday, June 29, 2012

Something for the Weekend

Some beautiful works by Neapolitan painter Gianni Strino...

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend


  1. Very beautiful...I love the first painting the eighth; mesmerising eyes and the last painting... I love your blog it has such a wonderful feel about it. I adore all the black and white photography...we are kindred spirits ;-)
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Absolutely stunning and I see so much of your spirit in these incredible paintings. The second to last could very well be another version of you and Crusoe...

    Bon weekend et bisous. I raise my rosé to you!

  3. Ditto Heather...the stunning redhead could be you!

  4. These are all so beautiful, love the first painting. She reminds me of me and what I do every morning, drink my espresso while reading the paper I just wish I looked as good!

    Enjoy your weekend Dash!

  5. Oh,my..............HOW unbelievebly great are all these paintings!!!

    More and more than BEAUTIFUL:-)))*

    Thank you SO very much for this post!

    Hugs and Love from Amsterdam,

  6. NB. I have added a few more images since these comments were made.
    I have a habit of continually adding images after a post has been published...sorry about that!

  7. These are all so wonderful, so life-like .. I love the hats and the yawning dog and especially the old gentleman and the cat.
    besitos, C

  8. Amazing!!! So realistic and beautiful. A wonderful collection.
    Thanks for posting them!

  9. I am sure that I saw that girl move in the first painting! They all have that extraordinary reality about them - somehow more "real" than a photo. Now why is that? Is it that the eyes/ faces are all painted with such precision, yet the rest of the body is more vague? Fascinating! And certainly very beautiful too.

  10. Beautiful paintings! i was mesmerized by the one of the ballerina, so powerful and graceful, but at the same time rather haunting. I love your blog!

  11. What a lovely way to start my Sunday morning.

  12. Hello Dash

    Thanks for sharing their spectacular images by Gianni Strino. He truly understands the feminine body. A master painter. Some images brought to mind the late Pino, whom I met about seven years ago.


    Helen xx

  13. The girl with the fan looks like Angelina Jolie... beautiful!

  14. Mesmerising I loved them all the expression caught in the eyes of the girl with the fan..enchanting!
    Such beautiful work.
    Carla x

  15. Beautiful paintings and they all make up a stunning post! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and thanks for reading. Have a lovely evening - I'm certain the weather is better where you are than here ;-) xo

  16. Oh my! That's really magnificent art work. I've never heard of Gianni Strino before. His pictures have a kind of "old-master" feeling combined with a somehow modern expression of his models. Hugs from Miss Maple

  17. beautiful work, the paintings are wonderful!

  18. Eagerly awaiting the new blog...

    And I gave you an award over at my place!!
    Gros bisous,

  19. I think that's very realistic pictures & Absolutely stunning and I see so much of your spirit in these incredible should be proud of all of them.

  20. the paintings are beautiful, I love the girl with the fan.

  21. Been waiting for something's been more than a week...honestly, I love ur site...I keep coming back to it to see if u've uploaded anything or something new...

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