Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Promise of Summer

This morning I woke up and it was beautiful, warm enough to wander round my freshly mowed garden in my robe and set the table for an alfresco breakfast, the first French strawberries have started to appear in the markets a sure sign that the salad days have arrived.

My blogging life is very sporadic at the moment, I have a few projects that I am working on, hopefully the fruits of my labours will be revealed soon.  In the meantime I have become hooked on Instagram, for the moment I am finding it to be a fast, easy, fun and totally addictive way to keep in touch, you can catch up with my Instagram feed here

I hope the weather is good wherever you are.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. It seems that things are finally looking up in terms of weather....
    Here the rainy season is just stuttering into life but the mornings are fine and sunny so it's breakfast on the balcony with juice from our own oranges and a mango from the tree behind the house to follow.

  2. I bought my first strawberries today too! Did you remember to make a wish?
    Looking forward to your news, beautiful one...

  3. I doubt there will be strawberries here until well after Wimbledon this year. Today is the first day that the temperature has reached double figures since September...

  4. Lucky you! It isn't strawberry season here for months. It's still a little chilly, but we've had some warm days. Just found you on instagram and am following you. Can't wait to see your projects!

  5. Hi there,

    I was browsing some net and came across you. I can see you love traveling. Just wanted to suggest you should visit Bhutan. Its a lovely place and i promise you will have an experience and a beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

    If you want any information please do let me know. I am from Bhutan.


  6. Hi Elaine, lovely thoughts for the day. I've been MIA in blogland for awhile with family goings on, but all is well. Lots of house guests, dinners to cook, etc. Sending a big hug...

  7. I have become obsessed with Instragram too! I actually use it now more than my normal camera! This is a short and lovely post. And this compote dish is gorgeous! Is that milkglass?

  8. This is a great photo, the colors of the strawberries really contrasts well against the pure white table. It is a great time to get outside and our vegetables are just starting to come up. I really like Instagram, it is a great way to keep in touch quickly and easily.

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  9. Its the details of our lives I think that in some respects make the impact. Its only once in a while the big picture matters. I loves these photos of the details

  10. waiting for your new post...

  11. I enjoy of your in north Sweden.

  12. Still missing (acutely) your wonderful blog...

  13. i'm waiting for a new post from my favourite blog .
    Daniela from Venice Italy

  14. I have absolutely enjoyed strolling through your blog as it serves as wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth


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