Saturday, July 3, 2010

Books In The Blogosphere

One of the things I really enjoy about blogging is coming across kindred spirits who share similar tastes in reading material.  It is really useful to me when the said kindred spirits blog about  books. Down here in deepest France there are no English bookshops to browse through and the only English Sunday newspaper available here is a potted version of the Sunday Times, minus all the supplements, which has a severely cut book review section.

So you see I rely on the internet for my book fix.  My Amazon wish list is now huge and after a very scary credit card bill last month it is going to be a while before I can convert it into hard purchases.

In order to cushion my disappointment I thought I would show some of the most coveted books on my wish list and reveal the sources from whence they came...  

The fabulous Christina Lindsay from Fashions Most Wanted wrote a superb post about Marchesa Casati and recommended these books, check out the post here.

Christina also mentioned these books in another post, which have also gone onto the wish list:

I have just looked at Christinas blog to research these books, basically I could go on and on as we share very similar taste but I don't want to hijack all Christina's books so I suggest you hop over there and check out her fantastic blog.

Another kindred spirit is Lisa Borgnes Giramonti from the wonderful A Bloomsbury Life  Lisa recently posted about a book that has been languishing on my wish list for ages:

I got very excited when I read this post sadly Sybille Bedford is not that well known so it was great that Lisa posted about this book. Here is another fabulous book by Sybille although I have it so it is not on the wish list however I would not mind the hardback edition.

The charming David McGrievey from An Illustrated Life recommended this book to me after reading a post I did on Lady Emma Hamilton. It is a romantic novel based on the Love triangle Between Sir William Hamilton his wife Lady Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson.  I told David this would be a really interesting read for me as I have read a lot about Susan Sontag but never read any of her work.

The cultured Daniel Halifax from Hibernian Homme  wrote a post about this book he loved, another one that has been on my wish list for far too long! 

I had also written a similar post about The Happy Valley Set and told Daniel to check out this book:

 These next books are my own selections:

I hope I can afford to purchase these books before they go out of print!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. I haven't read Sybille Bedford for years, but you've sent me off to the shelves again to root around...there goes lunch....

  2. Dear Dash, I love it that we have the same taste! You've just added to my Amazon wish list! Great suggestions. I now click onto the used books part, you get them at a fraction of the price. Sometimes £1. Give it a go. Thank you for some wonderful recommendations. Have a brilliant weekend. Much love, C xx

  3. Splendor and Squalor was just added to my wish list!

  4. Dearest Dash,

    I just read your comment...what a coincidence: my husband climbed the Col de Tourmalet last year!

    And thank you for the mention -- you have a stack of good books there!

    I've read "The Bolter", "Redeeming Features", Quicksands" (obviously), and "Jigsaw" and have "Infinite Variety", "Wonderful Today", and "Mad World" on MY Amazon wish list!

    Haven't heard of "The Temptress" (it sounds totally up my alley), "Splendour and Squalor" or "Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge." Wonderful suggestions -- must read them as well...

    It's going to be a very studious summer!

    And I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but your blog is oh so beautiful.


  5. Hi Dash. This is a very inspirational list, and as I've come to expect from you...interesting, unusual and I expect when they're read...hugely informative and entertaining. I'm guessing you know about the Book Depository and their wonderful service? I prefer it to Amazon; great prices and free shipping. I use it a lot. When you get free postage from the UK to Australia I'd be mad not to! I look forward to reading your critiques on these books.

  6. Dear Dash, what a fabulous post, really inspiring, thank you so much, I had just finished ordering school trousers for my boys for next year and was in dire need of a lift! And I love reading book recommendations. I have made a note of most of these. I do think we share some of the same tastes - I ordered Quicksands from our local library a few weeks ago and it is currently lurking on my bedside table, I am longing to find the time to read it, I have dipped into it and read about her poor mother in South of France..I have read The Bolter, v good; would love to read the one about Janze; have read an autobio by Faithfull, think it is this one, v gripping! i tend to get most of my books from the local libary (austerity measure)!! Bx

  7. Dear Dash,

    I love visiting your blog; Not only is it visually striking, but the variety of topics always peak my interest. These books are a case in point.

    Have you any favourite French authors?

    I ask because the online book club to which I belong is considering reading Zola, although no specific title has been selected yet.


  8. I love you list Dash! I have Quicksand but have not read it yet. I will now move it up the stack :)
    Great suggestions here and thanks for the tips.

    Jeanne :)

  9. Dear Dash, hope this is ok but I have "tagged" you on my blog, another bloglady Mrs Trefusis did it to me and I got to chose 3 bloggers to tag in turn. Bx

  10. fabulous selection of books.
    I read a brilliant book by Joseph O'Connor - Ghost Light. O'Connor will receive the Booker Prize I have no doubt. (Incidentally, as an aside, his sister is Sinead O'Connor- a truly talented family). Ghost Light is current, I purchased it in Ireland and have since picked up seceral of his books

  11. Oh, now you've made my Amazon list longer!!
    These all look so tempting.

  12. My dear, one would spoil for choice! Susan Sontag's book has been on my list of books to read for awhile but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. She is simply marvellous! I didn't know that in France, you don't get hold of the English newspapers! Not even the Guardian?

  13. ASD, you can get all the English newspapers in France, but the choice is just very limited in our area.

  14. Dash, just stumbled upon your blog today - verrrrry impressed! So many great topics and fantastic imagery as well. I'm heading to France this year for the first time and loved reading your story of how you ended up living in France. Boy am I jealous of your lovely home!!!

    I linked back to your site after finding an old vogue image on here - hope that's ok!

  15. what a great list, have you tried any Diana Athill? Am heading to Amazon to seek her out, am told she's brilliant.........the joy of the used books is you sometimes find notes, an inscription, an old flight ticket...all adds to the story....

  16. You always have intriguing book picks, Dawn. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  17. Hi Dash, I love this post although it makes me feel a little inadequate as I don't find time for enough reading at present.
    Particularly pleased to see the Bolter, I have a fascination with European women catapulted onto the African continent.
    Thanks for stopping by, I would definitely encourage you to get back into a saddle, I think you'll be surprised at how much emotion and memories come back. Pick a local friendly stable and ask to be taken out on a very calm ride!
    Enjoy this sunny Sunday

  18. Such wonderful books! So many to add to my ever growing list.


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