Thursday, October 28, 2010


Miss Havisham requests the pleasure of your company...

 Mrs Danvers is waiting


 Deanna Maksimovic
Can you see Cathy at the window?

 Could this passageway lead to Bertha's rooms?

Remember, walls, have ears

So be careful who you trust!

Roman Solowiej
Where does this staircase lead?

Ahh, Dorians secret

Don't they make a handsome couple!

Elle Dunn
Enter at your peril!

They are waiting for you...

 You may need help.


  1. Looks like I'll be leaving the night light on!

  2. Spooky... but that last image, if I may be so bold, is damn sexy!

  3. Brilliant Halloween post Dash! Mrs Danvers was v creepy, love that film and the book. Definitely need the help of Mr Depp!

  4. Me too, I need Mr Depp to come and settle my shivers!

    A very classy spooky post, Dash :)

  5. Since childhood, I have always wanted to live in a haunted house. What Hollywood perceived as dark and frightening I found beautiful. Perhaps this is why I love Venice so much.
    Another beautiful post Dash, thank you.
    X David

  6. thank you johnny, i could use a little help

  7. I love the Dirk Bogarde picture, The Servant is one of my favourite films. Hope you're good xx

  8. Oh yes please, I will accept the help...


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