Monday, February 7, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Stuff

I really admire people who can do the minimalist thing, clean lines and a clutter free lifestyle but for me it's out of the question, I just can't help myself, I accumulate stuff.  I have so much stuff now that I am seriously thinking about starting a blog shop.  I came across these images taken by Gilles Trillard.  I love houses that are rammed so full of interesting objects that they resemble antique shops, there is always so much to look at...


Love this Godin Colonial wood burner

This is ours salvaged from a local dusty old brocante shop


  1. Absolutely beautiful. But oh...the dusting!

  2. We loved the style of that Godin stove...but the only ones we found were well beyond repair.

  3. Love these beautiful images!! And I agree - admire minimalism but could never accomplish myself. Love these with so much to look at over and over!

  4. Tertarus would absolutely DIE if I said I wanted any more stuff to clutter up the house! He's a guy that likes everything to have a home - preferably out of sight.

    I, on the other hand, am of the 'ooooh shiny!' mentality. if I like it, it gets a home.

    Beautiful pix - and yes, why not? A blog shop!!!

    Ali x

  5. Minimalism is my idea of a nightmare. Mind you, a couple of those photos are just a bit too cluttered for my taste (am a bit clumsy and would only smash something!) but on the whole, gorgeous. More is definitely more.

  6. My heart sings when I see these beautiful pictures you selected for us..especially I love the french bedroom surrounded by paintings and lacey white bed linen with floral decorations. I don't do minimalism either. I love the atmosphere of the old curiosity shop...the house where my grandparents live used to look like that. I would recommend a book called Daniel Miller's The Comfort of Things where he explores the idea of why things we collect sustain our lives and relationships and why they give a sense of order and balance in our lives...

    I think it is very interesting that most of my friends nowaday don't collect things because they call themselves a generation zero - they spend their money on hardware computer stuff and they spend their time on the computer and live their virtual life online. They don't have time or interest to share or touch concrete objects. I think it is a a real pity.

  7. Absolutely beautiful...but why when I attempt this it looks like clutter and here it is magnificent?! This is why I need to be a minimalist...too bad for me.

  8. I can't do minimalist either, though beautiful, it doesn't feel homey.

  9. You've just about summed up my dream house, French ecclectic with lots of clutter and distressed furniture.
    I love your woodburner. The French made some beauties. xxx


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