Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indian Summer

Philip Wilson Steer, Young Woman on the Beach, 1886. Musée d'Orsay Paris. A particular favourite of mine.

Down here in the Pyrenees we are experiencing an Indian summer, only the falling leaves and colder nights, give the game away that it is in fact autumn.

Hope your all having a fantastic Sunday.


  1. A fascinating image, totally new to me. I think it will come into my 'favourites' range as well.

  2. As are we, in California. I love Indian summer. The light is so gorgeous.

  3. Not surprisingly, everyone seems to be experiencing an Indian summer except poor Seattleites. Fall has definitely arrived here. Thank you for stopping by my blog today Dash. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful comments! I, too, love your "Young Woman on the Beach." -- Beautiful! Veronique

  4. I love this painting and the easy elegance of her pose. How fantastic that you are having this fine weather too--it seems as if we all are in France, but poor Veronique in Seattle!

    Heading out to walk the pupper in the sun,

  5. Here as well, although we are cooling a bit especially in the evenings!!

    A gorgeous image!!

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    Art by Karena

  6. If I could click my heels together and go wherever I wished, I would be in the D'Orsay right now.
    besitos, C

  7. This painting resonates as much today as I am sure it did in 1886. It has such an intensity of light - quite arresting.


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