Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Big Freeze

With news of freezing conditions all over Europe it was only a matter of time before the cold, snowy weather reached us.  We have had it easy up to now with a very mild winter, lots of sunshine and plants which have no business to be blooming at this time of year, blooming.  This cold spell is set to continue with us for the next week.

I still retain that childish sense of excitement when upon waking the world has turned white.  Here are some Instagram snaps of my morning walk with Crusoe, up the lane and round the Château, the sky is laden with snow and the village is monochrome and very still, Crusoe and I, the only creatures stirring, we could have been walking in a century long past...


  1. Very atmospheric - I feel chilled just looking at these photos!

  2. I am behind on your blog! I love that you are playing around with Instagram. How atmospheric it all is. I will be posting on something similar later today (once the coffee has kicked in and I can write properly)...

  3. You could have been walking in a century long past...beautiful post.


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