Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rain, Clementines and Mulled Wine

Image via Seabois

Yes, it's been like this all day, relentless.  I had plans to go to the big town today, I spent a couple of happy hours on Sunday Christmas shopping on the internet (nearly all done) but there are some things that you need your olfactory senses for.  The big town will have to wait until the rain stops.

So I stayed at home, did some work and marvelled at my clementines which have started popping up in the greengrocers along with other seasonal delights such as lychees and pomegranates.

Yesterday evening whilst I was toiling in the study I could hear MG rustling about in the kitchen, soon the whole house was filled with the most beautiful aroma, a while later I was presented with a glass of the most delicious mulled wine, MG had clearly been inspired by the arrival of the clementines.  He used Jamie Oliver's recipe which can be found here.

 Image via Jamie Oliver

I feel the urge for another glass coming on...


  1. How pretty the clementines look with their stems and leaves - we don't get them like that very often.

  2. Someone is getting better and better at their photography...I need to take lessons to keep up...either that or a visit to you...
    And hooray for honeys that cook us treats!!!
    Gros bisous, to me manque!

  3. Dash, this is wonderful. I had a basket of clementines, we ate every one. Next time it will be different, and I'm going to try Jamie's recipe also. Lovely rain coming down those windows.

  4. Envious of your brilliant orange clementines, the one's we've got in the stores in the Western United States pale in comparison. Ah, the mulled wine - a perfect drink for the season and the day.

  5. How beautiful are those clementines? I love putting them at the bottom of Christmas stockings.
    Are you sure you haven't just bought tickets to rock out at Reading?

  6. Those beautiful clementines certainly brightened the dreary day.

  7. Dash - hope you have a brilliant time tonight and hugs to you, yours and Crusoe!!

    Ali x

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