Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

Just checking in to wish you all a Very Happy and joyful 2013

I have been away for three weeks without a computer but I did have my camera...

First stop Yorkshire, where I spent ten joyful days with my family, unfortunately it rained heavily every day I was there so interior shots only.

No i phone or complicated portable just a good old fashioned British Telecom standard issue telephone, the one's I grew up with, they are considered retro now, I so enjoyed curling up on the sofa, twirling the curly cord in my fingers and using this to call absent friends and loved ones.

I had five star treatment staying with my Brother

Oh I do love a big bath with a view!

I even bought sweets from my childhood (also now considered retro) for the kids but they were more interested in computer games!

And I helped my Mother with afternoon tea.

Next stop Prague for seven days and mercifully no rain but it was cold I was secretly hoping for snow but it was not to be, still, it was beautiful and there is more to come on my Prague adventure

I won't be back home until Sunday, at present I am in my spiritual home on the Provençal Coast.

See you soon, wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy 2013!
    Your brother's home is lovely.

  2. Very nice Dash. England, and then Prague. Great programme for the Holidays! I wish you a very happy new year! Looking forward to more stories in 2013... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. I've longed to go to Prague ever since watching the movie "The Illusionist". SO jealous! Looking forward to vicarious vacationing when you post about it! 8-)

  4. Missed you friend, hope you received my Christmas wishes.
    Gros bisous and hoping for a whole lot of peace and happiness in 2013 for you and M.,

  5. A very happy new year to you Dash, may 2013 bring you much health and happiness!

  6. Such beautiful shots, specially loved that old school phone - happy new year to you!

  7. Hello Dash

    Your stay in Yorkshire sounds marvelous and such a comfortable home. I will be very much looking forward to reading about Prague, I have not been.
    Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity in 2013

  8. Your brother's home looks gorgeous, love the red phone!

    Happy New Year xxx

  9. Such memories those phones bring, don't they? We stayed at a 'historic hotel' not long ago and photographed the phone in our room -- a black version of the one you pictured. I remember those from my childhood, which had me questioning my 'historic' age. Beautiful photos.

  10. happy new year :)
    your blog is so fresh, cute.. i like your images..

  11. I have been a bit worried at your absence after reading about Crusoe being ill on Backwards in High Heels blog - I hope he is now recovered.

    I love your brother's sitting room. I too have gone back to the the phones of my youth, mine is black. I got fed up of the batteries dying on me mid-call on the cordless phones. These olds phones look much more stylish plus I find the earpiece on them much more comfortable for long chats.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Dear Tricia, thank you for concern regarding Crusoe it turned out to be a deep cut under his tongue, which the vet missed initially. Tongues bleed an awful lot! He was anaemic for a while but is now fighting fit and back to his usual self.

  12. Happy travels looks like you are having a wonderful time. Your brother has great taste, why am I not surprised?
    Happy New Year and best wishes for an inspiring year...
    Jeanne xx

  13. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Can't wait to see what you have to share. (And your brother's home looks lovely!)

  14. Happy 2013! Even if you were just indoors, it looks like a fabulous indoors to spend your time in.

  15. Ah yes. The great British phone. Memories of curling up in the hallway on the telephone table (talk about retro) twisting the cord round as we summoned up the courage to call.....

  16. Happy New Year to you too...sounds like you've been having a wonderful time.
    Looking forward to reading your posts in 2013!

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