Monday, January 11, 2010

An unusual, but lovely Christmas present

What do you think these could be?

Have you ever opened a Christmas present in front of the giver and then said "Oh it's lovely" when your not quite sure what it is?

This is exactly what happened to me on Christmas day, when my lovely friends F&S gave me the above.

At first I thought they were a decorative piece of modern art and then I noticed the hole and thought perhaps they were tea light holders.

The penny dropped when S said: "The clue is in the colour".

Uh, Eggs?

Hurrah.  A very unique pair of eggcups.

 They are handmade fused glass by Jo Downs, I am looking forward to visiting one of her shops in Cornwall later in the year, but she also has an online shop here 


  1. How cool! I would never have figured that out without help though...I was leaning towards candle holders.

  2. Hi Laura thanks for your comment, the problem is they are so cool that I don't want to use them, so they are now being lovingly displayed on the kitchen shelf!


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