Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am still here, I have had an enforced blogging break due to household duties, another lot of Summer guests arrived yesterday and all week I have been frantically cleaning, ironing, gardening etc.. MG decided to replace the skirting boards in the guest kitchen, so he was trying to do that whilst running his business.  Yesterday was swelteringly hot MG strimmed and I mowed the lawn which was hard work in the heat we both had to take lot's of breaks for iced tea, then a general garden clean up before the guests arrived, job done... we were both exhausted.

 Photograph of moi, toiling with the mower

 MG went off to Belle Meres in Provence this morning as tomorrow she is moving into her new abode so he has gone armed with his tool box, ready to hang pictures, move furniture, lift heavy objects and do anything else you can think of to assist the moving in process. Crusoe and I are home alone and the weather has turned thundery; grey skies and constant drizzle, we are both feeling a bit flat.

I think I am going to cheer myself up by assuming the recovery position on the sofa to watch something feelgood, I will give Crusoe a pigs ear to nibble on, so that should sort him out.

Tomorrow, I am going to be busy again, I am off to the UK on Wednesday for a week, so I will have to start preparing, I am really looking forward to it, a few days in Yorkshire to visit friends and family, then I am taking my Mother off to London for two day's for a much needed city hit, The Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A, A visit to Leighton House Museum, Afternoon tea at The Wolsely and a trip to Liberty's are all on the agenda.

Crusoe is also going on a short break.  MG does not return until Friday, so he is going to stay with Mattie and Douglas his bosom border Collie buddies, their owners, close friends of ours, are into very long walks, so he will have lot's of fun.

I leave you with the spoils of all our hard work in the garden.

Clematis Jackmanii Superba

Flowers in bloom in front of the Gazebo


Even Closer

The Elderflower tree in blossom, It smells sublime, I have not even had time to make Elderflower Cordial, which I normally make every year it is delicious and tastes of late Spring

Picture and recipe for Elderflower Cordial Here

Hope you all have a fabulous week.


  1. How beautiful! Good luck getting it all done!

  2. Oh, I'm so happy you're going to Leighton House!! Please take loads of photographs, and think of me by the indoor fountain! Have fun!

  3. What a gorgeous garden! Simply marvelous! I hope you all have a good adventure next week, and safe home. Can't wait to see the photos!

  4. It all looks so heavenly I love your gazebo... I am going to have to get off the internet for a few weeks my life is falling apart around me I have so much to do but keep hiding here :) Enjoy London I really want to do the V&A went but had forgotten to book.. so make sure you do xx

  5. Dear Dash, your house and garden look sublime, and what a lovely view, a long time ago I spent a year in Aix-en-Provence and always planned to marry a Frenchman and live in France, but somehow I got I am working on the v English Mr B on plan to retire to France..Bx

  6. Garden looks gorgeous! Enjoy Yorkshire xo

  7. Super photos and your garden looks lovely, especially that rose - I could almost smell it! Have a great trip back to Blightly and enjoy London.

  8. Your garden is gorgeous.

    Have a great time in the UK

  9. Beautiful Dash - enjoy your well earned break in London - will be thinking of you & hope the rain stays away! Gorgeous roses - can just imagine your house filled with bowls of them! Best wishes x

  10. Yes... I love this too!! Look at your garden and all these wonderful photos. You probably have guessed that I have a weakness for photographs and always love looking at other peoples interpretation of their surroundings. You have a great eye for beauty. is Crusoe?? Back to his usual old self?
    Look forward to hearing what you thought of the Grace Kelly exhibit and am taking notes on the other places you will be visiting. I am not familiar with Leighton House Museum...a new place to it!!


  11. Dear Dash, your garden looks absolutely stunning xx

  12. Dash, you have such a beautiful garden! It reminds me of my childhood in the Indian tea-producing state—Assam.


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