Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Back

I can't believe I have been away from blogging for over a week, so apologies for the post drought and not visiting, I am hoping to catch up with you all within the next few days.   I have to confess I have been away gallivanting, sans laptop, which is just as well as I have had no time for anything except pleasure!

 The Stray, complete with Victorian Promenade Shelter, Harrogate

 I went back home to dear old Blighty, where I spent a wonderful few days back in my home town, Harrogate, Yorkshire, catching up with family and friends, whilst there, I did lot's of wining and dining I was particularly impressed with Harrogate's newest restaurant Le Bistrot Pierre, which has great food and a fabulous ambience, I gather they have a few restaurants in various UK towns, check out the link, and if you find yourself  in any of the locations, where they have an establishment; Go!

I took my Mother down to London for a couple of days, my gorgeous and fabulous Brother treated us to a stay at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, my Brother always stays in this hotel when he is in London on business. 

The Views Of Kensington Gardens And Beyond From My Room

Wow, what a fabulous Hotel, not so pretty on the outside but the inside, more than makes up for it, it is a family owned hotel and it shows, most of the staff have been there for years and they make you feel like Royalty, nothing is too much trouble, I think it is one of the friendliest and most comfortable hotels I have ever stayed in and if you can secure a room overlooking Kensington Gardens, you will be privy to one of the finest views in London.  Major foodies had  informed me that they have one of the best Chinese restaurants in London; Min Jiang, I have now sampled it and can vouch for it, some of the greatest Chinese food I have ever tasted, with the emphasis on fresh. The restaurant is on the tenth floor of the hotel, so whilst you are tasting heaven you also have an awe inspiring panoramic view of London.

 Min Jiang Restaurant

Another excellent restaurant which has fabulous views over London is Babylon, just over the road, from the Royal Garden, on Derry Street.

I did cram a lot of things into my trip, I took my Mother to the V&A to see the Grace Kelly exhibit, I had heard a few negative reports, on this, not enough dresses, where was the wedding dress etc. Personally I thought it was very well done and so did my Mother, I also have to mention that my Mother cannot function properly in the morning without the aid of great coffee, we walked from the hotel to the V&A, on route there were no cafes, so we stopped off at The Royal Albert Hall's Cafe Consort for breakfast which was extremely good value for money with charming staff serving...wonderful.

 My Mother, after coffee, proving age is only a number (she is 75, sorry Mum!)

The only disappointment of the trip, was me, hotfooting it over to see the Leighton House Museum, which was at the other end of Kensington High Street, a brisk twenty minute walk from the hotel; closed on Tuesdays!  Never mind, my fault for not checking, will go on my next trip, I consoled myself by photographing the blue plaque.

 This Is A Typical Holland Park Property, It Was so Pretty, I Could Not Resist Photographing It.

Well here endeth my little jaunt, I must say I left a warm sunny Britain and arrived in cold and rainy France, apparently it has been awful here for two weeks, rainy, murky and cold... the grass is not always greener......


  1. What great photos - and it sounds as though you had a marvelous time! Welcome home sweetie - missed you!

  2. Dash..sounds like a great outing to me. I am glad you like the Grace Kelly exhibit. It was small and the wedding dress was missing but I still felt it was worth the time to wander and take it all in. I am still loving my CD of music from the show:)

    Leighton House is on my list and I have dropped in the others that you mentioned. If you have any other suggestions, I am all eyes and ears!


  3. Welcome back - glad you had a good trip. I was so pleased to see your post pop up just as I was about to sign off for the night. You haven't missed much here, the weather has been appalling. I was interested to hear about the G.K. exhibition, I would love to see it.

  4. Welcome back .. your mother looks fabulous !!
    My son has just returned from a week in France :) Holland park is lovely, glad you had a good time xx

  5. Ah! Dear Dash, great to see you back. You trip looks gorgeous and so does your so does your mum.

    I've always meant to go to Leighton House too. It sounds like you fitted plenty in though.

    I saw the news yesterday, it's awful about the floods in France! I really hope you get some sun soon xx

  6. Welcome back - looks as if you had a wonderful time... thanks for the recommendations too! x

  7. Your mum looks WONDERFUL! I'm not going to add 'for her age' or anything.

    You certainly have a great eye for taking photographs!

    I came back to your previous blog several times to marvel at Renee Perle.

    Yep - you've got a great eye!

    Ali x

  8. What a lovely trip! Glad you had a great time.

    The weather has indeed be lousy here. Odd glimpses of summer which are snatched away by flash storms.

  9. Oh, it seems like you've had a fantastic trip - lucky you! I will have to be content with living vicariously through your adventures - thanks so much for sharing them with us. K xx

  10. Sometimes I forget how green the World can be...rain will do that, I suppose! Lovely photos. Glad your back.

  11. We share a love of swanky hotels, my dear. It is a real luxury and one I should not have indulged so often.

    It sounds like a lovely lovely trip and how good you were able to spend so much one on one time with your mum.

  12. How lovely to read about your trip to the UK! I am glad you had such a lovely time with family and friends. All your foodie adventures sound wonderful, and I'm pleased you enjoyed the GK exhibition. What a pity Leighton House was closed. I haven't visited it myself yet but definitely want to soon!

  13. Dear Dash, what a lovely trip you had! And the photos of Kensington Garden Hotel made me very nostalgic, we used to live very near there (Lexham Gardens, a garden square off Marloes Road) and once I took Boy 2 into the hotel when he was about 3 just for a nosey look and we went up to the top in the lift as he was in the throes of a major lift obsession and I had always wanted to see the view from the top! I liked the Grace Kelly exhib, v interesting. And wow, your Mummy looks great, so young! Bx

  14. Blog world has been dull without you.
    X David

  15. I had so much to say, but then I saw that photo of your mother... Goodness, she is gorgeous!

  16. So glad you had a great break Dash,
    Your photos are terrific and all that beautiful greenery is a rest for my eyes... and your mum!!! my goodness... I cannot only hope to look that good... how fabulous...

    Well I was away from blogging for almost 2 weeks myself.. and still a little bit absent.... Thanks for your kind words.. pleased to say I have found something already ... so so lucky...!!!! Have a great weekend xx Julie


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