Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday Report Part 1

Yesterday morning was market day in Sanary, there is nothing quite like a Provençal market and Sanary has one of the largest and finest markets in the region.  There are hundreds of stalls selling everything from Italian cashmere to LK Bennett shoes, Paella to pottery.  I hotfooted it down to the market early in the morning to treat myself to this spectacle for all the senses...

Wonderful fresh produce

Straw bags for every occasion

This Paella smelt delicious

More colouful bags

Freshly laid eggs from happy hens

My magpie instict always kicks in when there is jewellery about

I simply adore Provençal pottery, I love this stall, over the years I have bought quite a lot from here, it looks fabulous displayed on kitchen shelves and dressers and is excellent quality for a fraction of the cost of the pottery on offer in the smart local shops.

After an hour rushing round the market MG picked me up and we headed deep into the hills of Provençe to visit some friends of ours who are building a house there, they took us for lunch in this beautiful perched village.

It was busy when we arrived, but we always seem to be the last to leave!

After lunch we headed to Vence to see the Matisse Chapel but I am saving that for another post...


  1. Lovely photos - when you mention Vence do you mean St Paul de Vence, my favourite ever place on the CDA? I so wanted to remain there for the rest of my life.

  2. Those pots look wonderful....I know I would not be able to resist buying a few, even if the cupboards are already bulging.

  3. The weather looks fabulous.Off season holidays in the Sud are so relaxing & hassle free.Looking forward to your Vence post.I hope its the chapel I'm thinking about as my Grandfather lives in the 06 and I know & love the area.happy holidays :)

  4. Italian cashmere to LK Bennett shoes!! This market is so much better than the ones I go to! I really must take a trip down and check it out.

  5. I am as envious as it is possible to be! What did you buy?! Show us pix!

    Looks so lovely, I am glad that you have had a wonderful time ;-)

    Ali x

  6. Dear Dash, I'd love that market. Paella is one of my favourite things, that and risotto. Wonderful comfort food. I'm thinking about it as I have a hangover...

    The pottery is fabulous. Gorgeous colours. I would have had to buy something.

    The setting of the restaurant looks fantastic. It reminds me of a place The Actor and I went in Gerona when we were on our little Catalonian road trip, We're always the last to leave too. The Actor is terrible about rushing. We've been in restaurants and the chairs have been stacked and the staff have their coats on and he's still finishing his drink at a snails pace! I'm sure he does it because he thinks it's funny to wind me up. I always try not to be the last one xx

  7. I love paella...what a fabulous trip. Thanks for posting the photos. I can never get enough of travel pics!


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