Saturday, September 25, 2010

Off To Blighty

I am off for a visit to dear old Blighty for a week tomorrow, I love going back for a visit, although I love living in France, there are so many things I miss about the UK, here are some of the things I intend to do on my visit...

 Visit the pub

Consume all of the following as it's been ages...
Aromatic Crispy Duck

 An Indian

Fish and Chips

Afternoon Tea

After eating that lot I will need some very long walks in the Yorkshire Dales

 Something tells me the weather won't be quite this nice, not to mention it's now Autumn in the UK, it's a shame Crusoe is not coming with us, he would love a walk in his ancestral home, he will be in good hands, while we are away, staying with his favourite person.

 If I am really lucky I may get a lovely Autumnal day like this

After a long walk will be going into one of these again for a reviving drink...purely medicinal!

I hope to squeeze in a fleeting trip to London

And maybe fit in a visit to Selfridges new shoe gallery for lots of drooling

I also can't wait to spend time with family and friends and hopefully meet up with some new ones!


  1. I think I might be booking a ticket too after all that temptation!

    I really enjoyed my last two visits to the was like a change of worlds.

  2. Oh Dash I hope you have a wonderful time, I have just come back from the Lakes and it was rather autumnal up there...Unfortunately the weather has turned really cold that past two days.
    Is that the new Selfridges shoe salon? WOW
    It reminds me a little of Saks 5th Ave I have to get down to London to have a nosey xx

  3. It looks like you will have a lovely trip. Enjoy.

  4. Dash...fingers crossed the weather will be just like today, superb! I love all your images and after living here 9 months I can say I understand every one of them. Your country images are wonderful!!

    Jeanne :)

  5. OOH! take me with you! we'll shop and have fun and meet the lovely Jeanne! Have a great trip!

  6. I hope you have a lovely time, Dash!

  7. Just came across your blog and love it!

  8. Sounds like a perfect trip! I miss those foods too. I'll eat exactly the same on my next return to Dublin.
    Bon voyage! :-)

  9. Even the air will be refreshingly different especially outside London.
    You might even feel a little strange hearing English everywhere again :) Enjoy yourselves!

  10. Dash - have a great trip - indulge all your longings and enjoy England! Yesterday was the most beautiful autumn day and I couldn't imagine anywhere else I would rather be...hope you feel the same! x

  11. OMG crispy aromatic duck BOO HOOOO I'm so jealous!!!

    Have a lovely visit, and I hope the weather stays fine.

  12. Have fun Dash! You have the perfect itinerary ;)

  13. Have a fab time Dash - go mad in the shoe gallery...for both of us lol!

    Ali x

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  16. Afternoon tea is so very civilized.

  17. I didn't expect to be so happy being back in the UK. That's not to say I'm not looking forward to our week back in France at the end of the month though - the best of both worlds really.

  18. You have an amazing blog! Congrats on so many good articles*


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