Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh The Indignity Of It All!

Crusoe appears to be healing well, he is now able to put weight on his injured leg, however he is proving to be a difficult patient, he is an intrepid, adventurous terrier without an off button,  trying to get him to take it easy and be tranquil is quite a feat.  We have a lot of stairs in the house and he is most indignant at having to be carried up and down, we have taken this measure as now he can put all four paws down, he is attempting to run up and down them, he is not supposed to run for eight weeks.  The promise of rehabilitative  swimming in the local lake after his stitches come out next week, cannot come soon enough for Crusoe, last night he gnawed his dressing off and was attempting to remove his own stitches.  Several hilarious and unsuccessful attempts at tying a t shirt over his rear end, to cover what was left of his bandage, only resulted in Crusoe looking like the dog version of Sabu.

 Sabu in 'The Thief of Baghdad'

  We carted him off to the vets once again first thing this morning, for a new dressing and a plastic collar which prevents him from nibbling his bandages off and trying to remove his stitches, Crusoe is not impressed.

Get this contraption off me!

I can't get through the railings, no hope of escape now!

Blogger seems to be playing up again I have been keeping up with all your blogs but for some strange reason, I am unable to comment.


  1. ah the joy of a dog in an Elizabethan Ruff :-)

    My alsatian used to sit facing the corner in an absolute huff every time we had to put her in one. Still, it's the only way to ensure that they don't lick their wounds raw.

    Not long now, my little french pooch!!!

  2. We used to have a jack russell so i can only imagine the indignation!...poor darling....

  3. Poor Crusoe, he must be miserable.

    Did you ever see the film "Up"? The dog scene is hilarious when they call it the "Cone of Shame".

  4. The poor little thing! Those lampshades are so undignified, aren't they? xxx

  5. Hello:
    Life is so difficult when pets are, for whatever reason, not on form. We can only imagine what it must be like with Crusoe at the moment and, of course, it is impossible to explain.

    But, on the plus side, he is clearly making excellent progress.

  6. Dash, there is a homeopathic product called "Rescue Remedy". Just put a few drops of the tincture in his drinking water and he will be relaxed and less hyper. Its harmless and works great on humans as well :)
    I know its sold by that name in the US and UK. I am sure it is available in France.
    Best of luck and I hope he gets to feeling better very soon.

  7. You gotta love a dog in an Elizabethan collar! altho the dog is usually miserable. You might try putting large amounts of "bitter apple" on the bandage. Supposedly that makes it taste too bad to the dog and he quits gnawing. It's gonna be hard with a terrier. good luck!

  8. Oh bless him! My brother's kittens have just gone in for the snip and are sporting matching lampshades. They have cute pawprints on them, which looks sweet on kittens but would probably be even more undignified for a dog.

  9. Dear Crusoe,

    You're still a handsome dag. Have patience so that you can again be a fully, frantically mobile one too.

    A hug and good wishes to get you a very RAPID recovery.

  10. Is it an Elizabethan 'ruff-ruff'?

  11. Poor Crusoe and the shame of it all!!! I'm surprised the vet didn't send him home with a collar in the first place. After all, Crusoe is a wonderfully active, handsome, curious Foxy with loads of personality to show off:)). I wonder if some new chewing toys might help to keep him still? Unless he likes to throw them up in the air and catch them! xo

  12. I did try to comment on your last post...but was Bloggered!
    Poor Crusoe...I did wonder how long it would take before he decided to remove his dressing.
    Unilateral action, that's Crusoe.

    Pass on a pat from me. Poor chap.

  13. the poor darling! I hope he is soon 100%!

  14. OH too cute. It's hard getting them to get the rest they need to recuperate. Our lab seriously didn't like the collar. And so funny to see a shot of Sabu - what a flash from the past!!

  15. Poor dog, though he is very handsome in that collar. I hope it speeds his recuperation.


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