Sunday, November 6, 2011

Au Revoir Loulou

Loulou de la Falaise
4th May 1948 - 5th November 2011

 Great style speaks for itself...

Loulou talks about her collaboration with Oscar de la Renta

Au Revoir Loulou.


  1. I had no idea she had passed away. You're right, Dash. Great style (and photos) speak for themselves. Nice post. Veronique

  2. So sad. This post is such a fitting tribute. Did you know she was born in England?

  3. May she rest in peace.
    Such style and grace.
    I could not help but notice the ubiquitous cigarette and of course it makes me wonder if it contributed to her early departure. She left too soon

    Thank you, Dash, for the beautiful tribute

    Helen Tilston xx

  4. Very sad but a wonderful tribute. People today live longer than in previous generations so it's a bit shocking when someone in their early sixties departs...Any information on the cause?

  5. e it is terribly sad especially as she was only 63, I don't know what the cause was:

    The news was made public by the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, who announced her passing ‘with immense sadness,’ referring to an unspecified ‘long illness’ as the cause of death. Bergé declined further comment.

  6. What a great loss. Loulou will be greatly missed. The picture of her wearing a turban took my breath away. How could someone be so effortlessly chic? It must be something innate to pull it off near-alienating level of elegance.


    PS. My dear, I've moved to a new blog address

  7. I love the pix, as usual - beautiful studies of her - fabulous bone structure!

    The interior shots are also fab, but Tartarus would DIE if I had that much 'clutter' around the place.

    Confess to looking at all the cuffs in teh bowls and thinking 'BANGLES!!!!!!' for my Rene Perle fixation lol!

    Ali x

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics of Loulou, Dash. I remember seeing pics of her and YSL in my sisters' mags during the 70s and she resonated with me even then. xoxo

  9. Hello my cherest Dash,

    What a perfectly lovely tribute. She was divine in every way.

    Thank you for this post. (I'll link to you tomorrow. She was the quintessential French "girl" in the best sense of the definition. And, who wouldn't dream of being a muse?)


  10. Beautiful trubute Dash to what was maybe one of that generation's most striking French women - no one had more style!

  11. Incredibly beautiful and talented woman.


  12. An extraordinary woman and an extraordinary life. Thank you - a great tribute to her.

  13. a most lovely tribute.

    we were Very Sad to hear the news from the YSL office (we didn't get the bulletin directly, we hasten to add) about Loulou.

    tres triste.

    sending much love from team gloria in manhattan

  14. Totally agree with Tish - divine in every way!!


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