Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Return Visit

 "This town is the queerest place with the strangest people in it, leading the oddest lives of dancing, newspaper reading and dining".

That's what Charles Dickens said about my home town, on a visit in 1858.

The restaurants have been booked, the dancing arranged and the newspapers ironed.
I will see you there.

 Tim Gustard

Wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Thank you so much, Dash. This will be just a Thanksgiving in my mind, alas. But that is ok too. Grateful for all that you do.


  2. Cheers Dash! I love this! What a wonderful place to call your home town...Dancing, Newspaper Reading and Dining...along with the Strangest People...what could possibly be better?!?

    I am an American and will be enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends. I thank you for your kind wishes and would be happy to welcome you to our table if distance were not such an issue! I live close to Plymouth, Massachusetts now. The place where this all began. It is impossible to celebrate this holiday and not to be grateful for the Pilgrims, England and the deep roots that are shared between our two countries.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. xxx Sharon

  3. Charming!! And where might that be?! I'll be up early preparing for the feast!!

  4. If there's a town with Strange People in it, I want to be there. xo

  5. I can taste everything in that last painting... scrumptious!


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