Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Im Back!

 My Brothers extremely elegant Drawing Room

I have just returned home from a ten day stint in my home county of North Yorkshire and had the most wonderful time catching up with close family and friends, so much warmth and love, I always feel like the prodigal daughter when I return.  I have to stay with my Mother, Father, Sister and Brother in equal measures, otherwise there is squabbles, once upon a time back in my student days a return visit from me would strike fear into every member of my family, (Just to put you in the picture, I am the youngest member of the family thus was always referred to as 'the baby of the family', isn't that annoying? No wonder I was BAD!) just how much washing was I bringing home? Which unsuitable boyfriend (or creature as my Mother liked to refer to them) would I be inflicting upon them, my untidiness, laziness and habit of not getting out of bed until after Midday never went down too well and there was always the danger of my friends and I deciding to throw an impromptu party. Times have changed and now I am fought over. One of the downsides of living abroad is not being close to your nearest and dearest, however much technology there is to communicate with, nothing beats seeing your loved ones in the flesh.

I am now safely back on French soil and have managed to catch the most horrible cold virus along the way, I am not up to much at the moment, other than lying prostrate on the sofa, surrounded by tissues, watching TV and old movies, reading magazines and books and dosing up with sudafed and paracetamol.  I hope it passes soon as I have a house to clean and decorate and a ton of stuff to do, hope to catch up with you all soon.

A typical Yorkshire scene; cobbles, Wellington boots and 'The Girls' accompanied by friends and humans. The girls are sporting their smart waterproof coats and are eagerly waiting for the Humans to stop standing about and talking so the walk can get going!


  1. Don't know which photograph I enjoyed more...the drawing room or the girls!
    Don't they look smart...

  2. North Yorkshire - the best place on earth (ahem)

  3. Oh, lovely! Can I come and stay with your brother? I always enjoy a pootle round the shops in Harrogate. Hope that you will soon be feeling very much better. (I trust that Miss Rayne is just clearing her throat and not being sarky!)

  4. I know exactly how you feel... Every time I go back to France I have to tactfully share time equally between all the members of my family, otherwise it's endless fighting. It feels nice to be wanted by all but at the same time it can be really exhausting!!

  5. Welcome back Dash. Too bad about the cold, but how much fun you have had! Love the picture of the cute "rustic" pooches. Feel better! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. I think that bug is multi-national. I've been far more ill this time, than I've ever been with a simple cold. Two weeks and I"m still without a voice.
    Hope you are feeling stronger soon. You must be well to enjoy the rest of Advent and Christmas and Epiphany and all the celebrations.
    bonne chance

  7. Oh hooray! Well not for your cold but that you are back!! You have been missed. And yes, I do know that surge of love from our family when we see them again. I am very much missing mine. Hopefully, at some point I'll get home after the holidays.

    Please feel better--are you taking liquid zinc? If not there is the Uzbek cure--salt in vodka to burn out the germs!

    Of course, loved the sweet face of the puppers!


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