Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost Advent

How did it get to be the last day in November?  Advent starts tomorrow and I am starting to panic.  Cyber Monday came and went, I have a feeling this weekend will be my cyber moment, I really need to get cracking to ensure delivery.  We are away for Christmas and the New Year so no tree but I will be putting festive touches around the house.

There has been much discussion on blogs regarding high street shopping versus on-line shopping, for me it's a no brainer, on my laptop, warm and cosy, dog at my feet, glass of wine by my side.  Modern shopping centres or malls filled with all the usual suspects are my biggest nightmare although I will make an exception for this beautifully restored Victorian shopping arcade which is crammed full of wondrous, interesting and mainly independent boutiques. I will be visiting it shortly before Christmas, I will not be able to resist a few extra stocking fillers, there is  no doubt they will be wrapped on Christmas Eve.

The Victoria Quarter, Leeds, Photo from flickr

 MG has asked me what I would like for Christmas I have requested a wide angle lens for my camera... but then I saw some exquisite evening bags...

Available from here

How are your plans going? Is all your Christmas shopping done?

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend.


  1. Love all your beautiful holiday touches. Like you, I hate the malls, but do love a little city shopping and favorite boutiques. But nothing beats shopping in your PJs - I just bought my husband's gift this way. It took 5 minutes and no crowds. Perfect! Hope you enjoy the weekend and that your December is fantastic!

  2. I love all these picks - but that ARCADE!! oh my! How lovely. And you get to visit, you lucky girl! For me it is a combination of on-line and in person. I'm not done yet, but I am more than half way there.
    As for the rest, November did sweep right by, it seems, especially for those of us here affected by the hurricane. It feels like we lost 10 days, you know?

  3. A beautiful array of potential Christmas presents to find under your tree, but I would still go for the camera lens..........there is one on my list, along with a bicycle. However, if Santa doesn't deliver, I will be just as ecited by having my family around me. The greatest gift of all! Bon weekend.

  4. Hello Dash

    You have me in a panic with that last question. No, I have not even begun looking for gifts, thanks for reminding me, I will get on it soon.

    The mall in Leeds is so in keeping with memories of Christmas. I would love to be there.

    Enjoy your travels

    Helen xx

  5. We've opted to take a holiday from the holiday and are traveling through America's Southwest - we may be home a week before Christmas or on Christmas Eve. My 'famous' Christmas letter that I spend days agonizing over before finally printing has been put aside, friends know they may or may not have gifts from me in a timely manner, and freed of all these responsibilities, I am thoroughly enjoying this festive season in the desert. Quite a change from our rain-soaking Pacific Northwest. Your photos are beautiful, Dash.

  6. Hello Dash,

    I love this "Blogspot" the pics are beautiful. But the las question gives my a panic.
    Because I must still do everting! :S

    Have a nice weekend

  7. The Victoria Quarter in Leeds and those bags - so opulent, love, love, love them all!

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