Friday, November 9, 2012

Something Pretty for the Weekend

I have been messing about in one of the spare bedrooms, with the help of the last roses from the garden I have been trying to make it pretty for some friends who are coming to stay this weekend...

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend


  1. Very lucky friends!
    That has made me look forward to the time when I can fine tune the house in San Jose...

  2. Bonjour Dash. This looks so welcoming to me. Perfect for a Fall weekend... I have been wondering about that scented Feu de Bois candle since Vicki Archer mentioned it on her blog a few days ago. I take it you like the scent, then? Fortunately, we can find Dyptique here in Seattle. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Veronique I have been a fan of Dyptique candles for years, they are so deliciously subtle, I think Feu de Bois is my favourite.

    2. Say no more. Getting it this weekend at Nordstrom :-)

  3. Nothing makes a guest feel more welcome that a little touch or two. too often i don't think to do it. Thanks for the reminder. your guests will absolutely love it!

  4. Oh why oh why isn't it me visiting this weekend! Crikey!! What a lovely, lovely scene you have set. Let alone all of the delicious food you will serve, wines poured and laughter shared!!!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  5. I'm loving your photographs my dear Dash. They are out of this world. So romantic and beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend with your friends. Best wishes, ASD

  6. I am going to copy that key with the tassle! I love it.

  7. A tray full of love. Beautiful .
    Would you like to follow each other?

    I am following you already.
    Enjoy life in company

  8. Oh dear, we have friends arriving next weekend and I made a mental list today that said, "Clean the guest bathroom" now that I've read your post I am thinking I had better ratchet that up a notch or two! Thanks for the inspiration. . .

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