Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Simple Things

A beautiful painting of a simple thing...a bedspread airing through an open window.  I love this painting this is a typical French scene, the times I have driven from my village to the local town on a beautiful morning, houses with shutters and windows flung wide open, bedspreads, duvets, eiderdowns, dangling.  A simple morning ritual, played out all over France.

Elisabeth Baysset, the artist responsible for this painting, sadly passed away far too early, last month.  Elisabeth was an artist that I discovered through the blogging community, I think she was a huge talent, her beautiful works are a testament to her memory...


  1. Such a talent! Your post brightened the start of my day.

  2. What a lovely tribute to such a talented artist. I am sorry to hear she's passed. Thank you for sharing such wonderful contributions she made during her lifetime.

  3. Very beautiful...I love them all...a very talented lady.
    Your post is a lovely testament to her memory.

  4. What an outstanding talent. Such a shame that I had not heard of her.

  5. Some very evocative pieces. She clearly had a love and understanding of light. What a shame to hear she has passed. Thank you for a lovely tribute.

  6. Oh Dash...I adore each and every one, you have captured the essence of everything that is beautiful and poetic...
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend..thank you also for your lovely commet. I have been in and out of blogland lately.
    So nice to catch up with old friends...
    Jeanne xx


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