Friday, March 8, 2013

Off the Beaten Track

I love Paris, the Cote d'Azur the Italian Riviera et al, the history the stories, but isn't it nice to discover new places, destinations that may not be well known internationally, the kind of place that warrants a secret nose tap, the kind of place that the locals want to keep under wraps, lest it gets too popular and the kind of place that once stumbled upon is never forgotten...

l'Amuse bouche, stuffed olives, served from a Bonsai olive tree, Mr French Sampler is about to dig into something, I cannot recall what it was but it was delicious, washed down with Mimosas.

Followed by something to refresh the palate, the most delicious smoked salmon and citrus salad served in a large pebble from the local river...

I know exactly where this river pebble comes from, I may have to copy this idea!

A surprise that looked odd, wrapped in a silk cocoon but again, delicious.

I forgot to take photos of the main course...but it was delicious...skips to dessert...

Afterwards a stroll round the village...


On the way back a dip in the local pool...

Remember the river pebble?  I collected a few pure white stones from here for my local stonemason to slice in half and voila, perfect salad bowls.

The way back...

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wow...all looks totally perfect to me! xxx

  2. Me too! And, where is this exactly, Dash? You always do the most wonderful posts & I'm mad at myself for missing the last few. Big hug, sweetie...

    1. Marsha it's just down the road from us in the medieval village of Ainsa in Aragon, Spain, in the Pyrenees close to the French/Spanish border.

    2. Oh and the restaurant is called, *whispers* Callizo.

  3. Thanks for taking me on such a lovely outing - it was a great way to start my weekend in Washington State's fog-enshrouded Puget Sound.

  4. Are you trying to lure me for a visit? ;)

  5. That will lure me back to Spain...not that much effort is required...

  6. Leslie in Portland, OregonMarch 11, 2013 at 12:22 AM

    Gorgeous! I am particularly drawn to the swimming holes... Thank you for sharing your fruitful exploration with us.

  7. Dash beautiful post and what a lovely day out perfect, good food and lovely views the drive looks amazing I have never been tho the pyrenees it is on the list! Hmmm is right about the door knocker hahaha. Carla x

  8. First of all, it was heartwarming to see the Canon lens cap on the table in that photo - a very, very familiar sight at tables where I eat! Second - yes, you can cut a stone in half, but how do you hollow out the center for holding food? OR are they geodes, with hollow centers? Beautiful, beautiful! Third, you had me giggling with that doorhandle - I'm sure they meant it to be viewed the other way up, in which case it would look like a heart and not a pair of bollocks. HA! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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