Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter's Last Stand?

Well at least I hope so, but the French say you can never be sure until after the 15th May. I knew as soon as I declared spring was under way in my recent post on Saint-Jean-de-Luz  I may be tempting fate, and sure enough...

 We woke up this morning to a white world, the snow which has been causing chaos in Southern Britain and Northern France has now made it here, deepest South West France, snowfall is forecast until Friday, so lets hope for a thaw at the weekend and perhaps spring can resume next week.


Despite the snow trees and shrubs continue to bud.

One small creature, loving the snow!



  1. Oh,yes............that´s almost unbelievebly,but true!
    Winter didn´t want to go.....

    What an amazing photos!!!

    Keep it warm,
    Sending my warm wishes,

  2. Gorgeous photos. The snow with those pink blossoms is beautiful but a little scary too, environmentally speaking. Our snow, which I've been complaining about on my own blog is melting here on the east coast. What has be come rather humdrum takes on a totally new look where you are. The difference is that while the trees coated in snow are still brown and dead looking here while yours -- even the willow -- look as though they are about to bloom.

  3. Its the same here in my part of yorkshire, but i thought it was because I'd started my spring cleaning....

  4. Leslie in Portland, OregonMarch 14, 2013 at 12:25 AM

    Beautiful photographs, especially for the few of us who have not had any snow this winter. Was the dusk really that lovely? And I always like to see Crusoe, particularly when he is romping! Thank you.

  5. From Perth in Western Australia where we are just coming out of our hottest summer on record, these photos look very beautiful and a little surreal to me !
    Thank you for your beautiful stories and photography.
    Joanna Brazier

  6. Time for me to quit complaining about spring's rainfall in Washington State's Puget Sound. Beautiful photos.

  7. Wow. Now I understand why you enjoyed the photos in my new pots, Dash :-)

    Superb indeed. At least you made the most of the white stuff (as did Crusoe.) I have been following the French news and kept informed about the situation. I saw Normandy covered in snow and ice but had no idea the Southwest was in it too. Patience, patience. Spring is on its way, you'll see... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. Magical!!!!!! What beautiful photos and look at darling Crusoe:) xo

  9. Beautiful photos, and lovely to see Crusoe, all excitement, ears in the air! (Although I usually turn to your blog when I feel in need of sunshine and sophistication!)

  10. So beautiful!! We just had what I hope was our final snow for the season. While it's beautiful, I am so ready for spring!!

  11. Beautiful photos! But I agree, I'll be a lot happier when I'm sure the snow is finished for good (it's not the 22nd and it's been pretty warm so maybe it's truly done for the year??? we can hope!) I'm seriously craving sun and warmth!

  12. Thank you for beautiful photographs.

  13. I know that you must have a good reason for not continuing your blog; just want to tell how TERRIBLY missed you are. Another blog writer that I Followed faithfully was Kathleen from Musings from a French Cottage and she too went on an extended hiatus. I remained hopeful she would resume her blog and was beyond ecstatic at her return! I revisit your site periodically with the same hope. No pressure, just know how much you were loved...

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