Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Basque ing in the Sunshine

Can you spot Crusoe, frolicking in the shimmering Atlantic with his new friend

The first weekend in March and the forecast looked good, we decided to head for the Basque region our first stop was lunch in the coastal town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz one of the chicest destinations in France.  The town was choc full of beautifully dressed Parisians all taking their first vacation of the season at their secondary residences.  Just like them I was caught out, the sun was shining but I thought it might be a bit chilly so I was wrapped up in jeans, a light cashmere cardi with a thermal vest underneath, a wool trench coat and suede ankle boots, I was boiling and found myself stripping off, should have worn a T shirt instead of the thermal vest!  After all, this is the season of layering.

We sat outside in the towns main square and had aperitifs followed by a slap up lunch washed down with loads of wine, afterwards we walked it off along the beach front...

Lovely though it is, nobody wanted to sit on the shady side

The Basque region is another country, it has it's own language literally and poetically, it's people are warm and hospitable and examples of  flair and imagination can be seen everywhere from interior and exterior design to world renowned cuisine and everything in between.

The unique architecture of the Basque region, white timber framed buildings and houses, painted distinctive shades of red, green or blue.

These two pictures were taken last September before the leaves had started to turn.

Whilst some remained wrapped up.

Others decided to get a head start on the tan.

Glorious warm sunshine, al fresco dining, walks along the beach and for the brave (including Crusoe) a dip in the sea.  Yes I think we can safely say spring is here.


  1. Dash, I needed this post! I was so ready for a get-away from the Pacific Northwest. . .thanks for taking me along with you. Loved your photos!

  2. there is nothing quite like the basque country...the spanish or the french side.
    thanks for taking me back to the place i lived and where my son was born...


  3. Ah, now we are talking. As you might remember, I also had a jaunt to the sea this weekend, but rather than serve it up nicely as you have (although I will eventually) I decided to write a poem and publish some entirely gray photos about the rain! Heehee. That will charm them, won't it? Will I ever learn...

    And how well I can imagine the apero followed by the lunch washed down with "loads of wine"--I only wonder why I wasn't there?
    Gros, gros bisous and a bear hug,

  4. How gorgeous! I can't imagine how many photos I would take if visited here....kinda scary! Thank you for the little travel from my own chair at home!!

  5. oh for a long afternoon in a cafe with a stack of european newspapers and a grand cafe creme!

    thank you for the daydream.


  6. The Basque Country is the #1 vacation destination choice of Parisians and those from the Grand Sud-Ouest…obviously for good reason. Although the weather has “turned on us” the last couple of days, I still believe I am extremely lucky to live in this paradise called the Basque Country with my Sheepfarmer :)

  7. What a delightful day trip to St Jean de Luz. I have not visited in years. I loved it, Dash. Thank you for sharing with us. There is nothing quite like the sea shore on a sunny day at the end of the long winter, is there? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

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