Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Return Of The Sun

The bad weather has gone for now, and the sunshine returned on Monday.  Apologies for lack of posts, I have been looking at my sidebar and seen all your new posts come up, which I have barely managed to glance at, I am hoping to get back to full blogging capacity soon.  Truth is I have had a mountain of work to catch up on plus, Sunday was out as we had a couple of good friends round for lunch, we had a great time, they left at midnight and the empty wine bottle count was ten! So not much was achieved on Monday.

Blue Skies, This Morning

The Shade of the Gazebo, This Afternoon, at least all the rain has made everything lovely and verdant.

Crusoe showing off his new possession, his old cushion was so grotty it had to be binned but not before he received a nice new one,  I bought it especially for him from Peter Jones in London.  He likes a cushion to rest his extremely long muzzle on and he brings it out to show guests...It's his way of offering hospitality! Thankfully he loves it as much as the old one.


  1. Doesn't it get daunting seeing those new posts line up in the sidebar? Sometimes I sort of sigh as I begin to catch up and after a few comments really get into it once again.

    I love that cushion - dogs and their special things are lovely. We have loads of squeaky toys everywhere and Misty only likes one - Hedgie the hedgehog. Pop will squeak anything but she specially loves Hedgie as well (but only when Misty has it). Just like toddlers really (only better)

  2. Very smart cushion Crusoe! I love PJones! Bx

  3. So good to see Crusoe again Dash. I know this cushion well...Peter Jones is the place to go for fun cushions~!!
    Your garden looks lovely...enjoy!!


  4. Dear Dash, It's amazing how quickly you can get through wine. My recycling bin can be quite shocking some Monday mornings!

    I love Crusoe's new cushion. The shot of him with his head resting on it is adorable xx

  5. Oh and herald the return of the sun! That light just puts a whole new perspective on everything. Pleased to see you haven't posted every day ... Gives me time to catch up! LURRRRVE the pillow.

  6. Yay for the sun! Now that's what I call a fun lunch... several bottles later- with good food, good friends and great conversation.

  7. yay for sunshine. and empty wine bottles. it must mean fun was had

  8. HI Dash
    Well no need to apologize to me.. I have been the slowest and absent blogger... trying to catch up..

    Glad you have some sunshine.. we do as well today... I think I heard there has been terrible weather over your way so hope you escaped all that...

    So,,, Crusoe... looking his adorable self.. just love that photo of him resting on his pillow... That little dog has won my heart!!!

    Take care Dash.. and thanks for your good wishes.. I;m feeling very grateful to have found somewhere..

    Have a great day.. xxx Julie

  9. Welcome back dear Dash! Hope you enjoying the sunshine, I know I am! Love Crusoe's cushion :-)


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