Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree

Many glasses of red wine later I finally got the tree finished!  I don't have a theme, I just go along with something you would find pretty in a wood or in this case at the top of the staircase! (where the plug points are)  I have been collecting antique and glass baubles for years, I also have a very talented friend, who makes fabulous beaded vintage style baubles and gives me some every year, so no theme, unfortunately my dismal interior photography does not do it justice it looks much nicer in the flesh.

Sober tree

Sober baubles

Tipsy baubles, actually think I like the tipsy one's better

My only other concession to Christmas décor has been to string some fairy lights on one of the bookshelves in the Salon, you can't really see them,  in case you were wondering I collect antique candlesticks, they will all have candles in them soon which adds nicely to the Christmas effect, MG has a thing about plants!

Note resting fruit bat, hanging off the wall, a sculpture friend gave us a few plaster of Paris versions for Christmas a few years ago, as he knew the house was inhabited by bats before we arrived, I got very fond of the bats, they eventually moved out as we moved in, I still miss them, I believe his bronze cast bats are hanging in some very high brow locations.

Even better when it's dark

Close up


  1. Simply lovely! I prefer the tipsy tree.

  2. A beautiful job of decorating your home for the holidays.

  3. Wow, that's beautiful. I always rather like abstract Christmas photos so I thoroughly approve of the tipsy pics :)

  4. Love your tree, love the decorating.
    Go to my blog and see my tree.
    It makes all other trees look bigger and better.. :)
    I am taking the advice of "And Illustrated Life" and placing glasses of sparkling wine throughout the house, keeping things merry :)

  5. Looks very festive and the vintage baubles on the tree.
    Hope that you have a great weekend.

  6. I prefer anything tipsy ..hic
    Love it all, I also have so many candle sticks and used to collect them.. i am trying to stop collecting things ..
    I love your salon .. everywhere looks so cozy xx

  7. How lovely and festive. I'm not sure what to do with my house as I'll be away from Christmas all the way through to New Year and the boys the whole two weeks. Not much point decorating really and I'm certainly not buying a tree.

    Maybe I'll drape some tinsel around the banisters...

  8. Well done for getting your tree up. I must organise myself. It all looks lovely! xx

  9. Your tree is perfectly full of holiday cheer! And your salon looks lovely and comfy :-)

  10. All my Christmas things are in the garage, high up in the rafters...right over the top of the Subaru.

    So I can't put up my tree until Tertarus comes home next weekend. House looks terribly unfestive at the moment.

    Perhaps once things are up, I'll feel more like it this year!

    Looks brilliant Dash :-D

    Ali x

  11. Gorgeous tree and photos...I have a friend who strings twinkling lights all around her outside windows as you have done with the bookshelf. Very festive!

    Enjoy the season, e

  12. Your tree is magnificent, I have never been a fan of theme trees, believing all ornamentation should be personal and evoke memories of a time or a person.
    I have no ornaments as my now deceased cat would destroy them one by one, at times toppling the whole tree over.
    Sorry you could not reach me through email but thank you for trying.
    X David

  13. Tipsy trees mean a good time. Love it!

  14. Very stylish tree - mine is full of a mish-mash of bits the kids made when they were little and other mis-matching baubles!


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