Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor The Last Hollywood Legend

Dame Elizabeth Taylor 27th February 1932 - March 23rd 2011

With her great friend Montgomery Clift her co star in; A Place In The Sun, Suddenly Last Summer and Raintree County

With her other great friend and Giant co star Rock Hudson

With her great loves, Mike Todd, her children and below Richard Burton

Probably the most beautiful and talented actress of the twentieth century, not to mention all the rest.
The end of an era.
Farewell Liz


  1. SOooooooo unforgatteble nice lady and wonderful actriss....Yes,sad,sad,sad news...


  2. She was so utterly beautiful. There isn't an actress today who comes close to her in talent or beauty.

  3. Hello again Dash, yes I am back in the blogosphere. Sad to hear of this grande dame's death today, such a beauty!

  4. The end of an era, she certainly led an amazingly glamourous life. xxx

  5. Very sad. She was such a great beauty. And what a life! xx

  6. A lovely post and some beautiful photos of her. You're right - the end of an era!

  7. A vibrant woman the world and her loved ones will miss...

  8. A sad day, indeed. She was so beautiful, extremely talented and a true original. Also, quite courageous, with a very big heart.

    Thank you for such a beautiful photo tribute.


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