Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring In The Pyrenees

Spring has arrived here in the Pyrenees, the photograph above was taken a few weeks ago whilst we were heading into the mountains for a spot of skiing, soon the snow will be melting and will be cascading down the mountains filling up the local rivers.  I gave the lawn it's first haircut of the season at the weekend, I am awoken every morning by birdsong, the sap is rising and everything is budding.  This is my favourite time of year, the promise of fine weather brings thoughts of long balmy days, spent outdoors and eating alfresco, I am already wandering around the garden first thing in the morning clad in my dressing gown and wellies, cup of coffee in hand looking at everything that needs to be done in the garden. 
Another sign of Spring is Crusoes departure from the garden around midday, he can smell a picnic from miles away and hotfoots it up to the Château up the lane to harass early tourists who have been taking advantage of the recent warm and sunny days, he is such a shameless scrounger and always puts on weight in the Summer, I think we are going to have to engrave 'DO NOT FEED ME' onto his identity disk.

A friend recently sent me this link for TIENS! an online magazine which reflects life here in South West France, this edition sums up Spring here perfectly.  My heart melted when I saw this:

 I am a bit behind with everyone's blogs but I am hoping to catch up with you all soon, wishing you all a fabulous week.


  1. Yes we are experiencing the promise of spring as well - still very brisk here but the full buds are sending us signs of what's to come. Will have to stop by Tiens in a bit!!

  2. Forget the blogging for a while Dash and enjoy the Spring skiing!

  3. You've summed up springtime in South West France so beautifully, Dash. I'm a little envious to say the least.
    I agree with Belle, let blogging take a back seat and enjoy it. xxx

  4. Clever Crusoe!
    How to achieve a varied diet without bothering the family...what a thoughtful chap he is!

  5. God it is stunning there .. just gorgeous enjoy xx

  6. I am jealous! and spring made an all too brief, one day appearance, and disappeared. It is only 27 degrees here now! brr!

  7. I know it's quiet there, but you are so lucky. I can't wait for our holiday - we're coming to France in June, not a moment too soon.

    I'm having trouble playing youtubes at the moment so I shall come back and watch this. I only have sound for some reason?

    Thanks so much for your kind words the other day. There are some funny people out there, aren't there?

    Enjoy your garden and have a great week, love, C xx

  8. Tu n'étais pas loin de chez moi j'habite près de Pau


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