Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favourite Films, La Bonne Annee

 Film Stills from 'La Bonne Annee' 1973, Directed by Claude Lelouch, seated on the left

Simon (Lino Ventura) is a sophisticated jewel thief, the film opens with his release from jail on New Years Eve after serving a seven year stretch for a robbery carried out in 1966 at the Van Cleef & Arpels store in Cannes.  Simon returns to Paris, to catch up with Francoise (Francoise Fabien) the woman he met and fell in love with whilst plotting the heist and his accomplice Charlot, (Charles Gerard). Seven years is a long time, are Charlot and Francoise still loyal to him?  His mind is cast back to 1966 and the very clever robbery he planned with such precision.

The films opening credits are of the closing scenes of Lelouches earlier great picture 'Un Homme et Une Femme' all the shots of Paris are in black and white and the scenes of Cannes are in colour.  The film is multi faceted, the plotting of the robbery is genius and the unfurling romance and chemistry between Simon and Francoise is a joy to watch.  The film is in French and available with English subtitles.  It's a gem if you love French films and if have not already seen this you are in for a real treat.

Available here and here and on Netflix here


  1. Oh that sounds wonderful. I do enjoy French films so I'll definitely try and track it down.

    The second photo is unbelievably beautiful.

  2. I'll have to track this down, it looks super stylish plus it's set in 1966, my birth year! xxx

  3. Hi Dash

    I love french films (english subtitles) and I have not seen this one!

    I had Desaccord Parfait on my Christmas list and was so excited to get it until I realised it was all in french, no subtitles! That man of mine! I had seen it before with subtitles and loved it. Charlotte Rampling is stunning in it!

    Thanks for the tip on this one :)
    Jeanne xx

  4. Dash, I'm definitely going to have to see this film.
    One of my friends suggested that I do a series of blog posts on movies with a jewelry heist theme...maybe one of these years I'll get around to it...

  5. Dash - you know how much I LOVE movies - and this sounds right up my alley!! I have of course seen A Man and a Woman - but this charming title has eluded me. Have to see if they have on netflix and will have to watch in solitary splendor as conservative husband refuses to watch anything with subtitles - ugh!!

  6. Another one I must add to my list, it looks great. I've ordered The Scent of Green Papaya on your recommendation, can't wait to watch it xx


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