Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Santa

Whilst living in Paris I discovered Diptyque, they have a wonderful shop on Boulevard Saint Germain, pure scented heaven! Their scented candles are the Rolls Royce of candles hence the rather expensive price tag of €40.00 and €50.00 for special editions, boy are they worth it, the subtle fragrance permeates rooms making them smell beautiful and they last for ages.

They do have stockists in most cities, although it is a bit difficult to obtain one of these gorgalicious items of luxury, if like me, you live in the middle of nowhere, but I have just discovered that you can buy them mail order from le Bon Marché.

So if your feeling flush and fancy a luxury splurge either as a gift or just to cheer yourself up this is the perfect solution; Oh, if Santa's listening, Feu de Bois is my favourite!


  1. I love-love-love their candals. So strong, gorgeous and not at all overly sweet or cloying like lesser candles.

    Thanks, dear Dash, for your VERY kind comment over at my blog. You have no idea how much your kindness means to me. I am very touched. Merci!xoxo


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