Monday, November 16, 2009

Just rambling really

Today has been a good day, the sun has just set and the mountains are clearly outlined against the darkening sky. I woke up this morning feeling content and happy which is unusual especially as yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening with good friends eating and drinking copious amounts of wine, I should by rights have a stonking hangover but maybe the fact that we got home before 10pm and the soluble paracetamol washed down with litres of water helped.

The reason for this happy state of affairs is the weather, it is glorious to wake up and look at the view from bed when the sun is shining and the snow capped mountains are so crisp that you feel you can touch them. The temperature has been in the low twenties all day which is pretty good for mid November.

Of course nothing much happened today, which is where my discontent lies, NOTHING ever bloody happens here life just seems to slip by, I know I am being a bit whiny and should go out and make things happen etc. But honestly there is nothing to do after all daily chores are taken care of except walking, cycling and outdoor pursuits, it is very hilly, and we are talking steep!
(actually this is lie, there is always plenty to do in the house and garden but I am very lazy and always put off what I can do today, tomorrow)

The nearest town is a ten minute drive, it is not particularly pretty although they do their best in the summer with beautiful floral displays, in fact the town actually looks like it was bombed in the second world war, and then rebuilt with extremely ugly 50s 60s architecture but this is not the case. The town has not got one decent restaurant, cafe or bar (A handful of poor ones) it has got a few decent shops and lots of opticians (not with a practicing optician, you have to go to a big town for that, just frames and lenses) and for some inexplicable reason 25 hairdressing salons, do hairdressers get some kind of tax break in France?

Anyway you get the picture, please excuse my ramblings, but I am a maiden blogger, I will improve. Think I will go and pour Monsieur Grognon and myself a large glass of Vin rouge, look in the fridge for something to rustle up for dinner and settle down in front of the box for the evening.

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