Friday, September 23, 2011

Blonde Geisha

Jean Shrimpton by Cecil Beaton 1964

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


  1. Hello:
    As devotees of all of Cecil Beaton's work, you may well imagine that we simply love these pictures. A perfect way to start the weekend which, we hope, will be enjoyable for you too.

  2. Imagine my delight in, after becoming a follower of your beautiful blog, I click on to comment, only to find my dear friends, Les Hattats, already in attendance! Well, I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised, arbiters of style as they are...

    I love these photos of the Shrimp. When I was a goth in the 80s (!), I used to pile up my red hair into an outrageous updo, powder it white with baby powder, ditto my face save for a black dot on the beauty mark on my cheek. For me, the inspiration was the ladies in Reynolds paintings, but much the same look!

    Sorry for the long comment!
    Bon WE!

  3. I love the white backdrop with purple splatters!

  4. It's funny you should say that Heather as I always thought these photographs were more Reynolds, Gainsborough or the court of Marie Antoinette, especially with the beauty patch but on further investigation I believe the styling was inspired by Geishas.

  5. I can see the geisha reference in the hair but otherwise I am with you!

  6. Lovely photos and I agree, very 18th Century.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I have seen the 1st-not the others and love them. What is so fascinating about Beaton-how he did keep up with the times! & was always referencing many periods. It is all here-even the paint spatters of the 60's. the 2nd is a particular favorite. pgt

  8. Heather sent me here to discover your charming blog, and very glad she did.

    Oh, anything by the insanely talented Cecil Beaton is worth gazing at for quite some time, as there is much to admire in the details of his work.

  9. What beautiful photos. This blog is always such a treat for the eyes.

    Feels like I haven't spoken to you in months! How have you been?

  10. I worked in a library in London for a while, and spoke to Fenella Fielding twice over the phone, I can testify that her voice would not only make men melt, it would reduce us to a puddle, able to be mopped up with a j_cloth!


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