Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alpine Report

I did not think I would be able to do a post whilst in the Alps, but MG has gone for a meeting with a trade magazine journalist to talk turkey, leaving me in the hotel, with the laptop at my disposal, well I cannot resist doing a sneaky post.

We arrived yesterday evening and so far we have done a lot of wandering about and eating and drinking, MG has had his hair cut and whilst he was doing that I stayed in the hotel room and gave myself a full pedicure, I am sure these are the kind of things one does at trade shows!

It's, well, very Alpine here, I am not sure how many meters we are above sea level but it's high, 
I love French Alpine ski resorts and I love skiing and apres ski but ski resorts  are quite weird places in Summer, it feels somehow wrong!

I have to say the restaurants and bars are superb, here in the Savoie department of France they know how to cater for large influxes of guests, which is really refreshing.  The ski resorts in The Pyrenees, which offer great sking fall down on the hospitality and food, side of things, they need to up their game and get more sophisticated if they want to compete with their Alpine Cousins.

We came to this show last year and made the mistake of eating too much of the local cuisine, which is cheese based food, fondu, raclette, tartiflette, we were completely cheesed out, totally calorific and really not justified when you have not had a full day on the slopes,  we are trying to limit ourselves this time, which is hard as temptation lurks on every menu in town!

Must dash, MG has just walked into the room, we are going out to eat...again...

Our Hotel

Window boxes full of multi coloured flowers are everywhere. Crusoe is in the corner of this photo reading P Mail.

The cable cars to get you up to the Pistes

Up there and then some

Looking over a flower strewn bridge

This pub has become base-camp

 Loads of restaurants

 The Church

Radio Station

 Tourist Office

 Cuddly toys and slippers


 Main drag

 It's safe to drink!


  1. You're right.
    Very Alpine. But, beautifully so.
    P Mail. A universal thing.

  2. It looks so beautiful. I'm moving to Val d'isere in november, makes me v. excited looking at these lovely pics. e xxx

  3. WOW beautiful thank you That is as close as i will ever be to the ALPS, I'm sure...

  4. Looks very beautiful, but somehow not quite real - I found myself searching the photos for storybook images of Heidi or goatherds....!

  5. Looks great - and just dive into the cheese! You can work it off later!

    Ali x

  6. Looks divine! I so enjoy living abroad vicariously through your beautiful pictures from your travels.

  7. It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing these!

  8. You somehow associate all those hardy mountain dishes with snow, ski and loads of fresh air to work it all off. Lounging about in the sun and then stuffing tartiflette is somehow wrong.

    Delicious, but out of synch with the season.

  9. The village looks beautiful Dash
    Enjoy all that fresh air.. although you probably get that where you live too...

    The australian alps just had their biggest snowfall this winter.... feel like dashing off down there...

    Love your post over at Sharon's blog!! Have fun xxx Julie

  10. All the cheese sounds wonderful, but definitely not in summer!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay x

  11. Dear Dash, it's really strange seeing it without snow! It looks beautiful though. The food and drink sound gorgeous, but then I love cheese at any time! Hope you're having fun xx


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