Tuesday, August 24, 2010

See you on Friday!

Well we are off to the Alps again, this time for MG's business, there is a trade show, high up in the Alps, Crusoe and I are going along for the ride and to help MG, we will be returning on Friday.

In The meantime you must check out My French Country Home, my friend Sharon 's beautiful blog, she is having a French Settler week and I am guest posting on Wednesday!


  1. What hardship! The Alps *grin*...

    Have wonderful time and will look forward to reading the guest blog.

    Ali x

  2. It's a tough life being a groupie!

    I read Sharon's account of her own arrival which was a great read. Looking forward to reading yours too :)

  3. I saw that this morning! Can't wait! Have a great trip, and safe home.

  4. Could not do better than take Crusoe to assist...

  5. I hope you have a super time, i have tagged you when you get back if you feel like it xx

  6. Dear Dash, I love the top picture. Is it another of yours? I'm still blown away by the view from your bedroom. Off to read the guest post now. I'm a bit behind on catching up with blogs this week xx


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