Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting To Know You Tag

Lovely Ruth From Life the universe and all that's in it and fabulous Christina from Fashions Most Wanted have both tagged me, with the; 'Getting to know you tag'.

This is the perfect antidote as I am in recovery after a rather nasty bout of food poisoning, to add insult to injury it was one of my favourite restaurants that got me, I know it was them, as on the way back from the Alps, on Friday we stopped off at the now offending restaurant for lunch, where I consumed two starters, Gazpacho followed by Ravioli stuffed with Ricotta on a bed of lettuce, judging by my symptoms and internet research the lettuce appears to be the culprit,  who would have thought that a few humble lettuce leafs could make you feel so awful.

I will spare you the details, but scenes from 'The Exorcist' spring to mind, at one point I felt so awful, I just wanted my Mother!  Thankfully MG was wonderful, whilst I was moaning, prostrate on the bed, he was on hand (at a safe distance) with chamomile tea and Vichy mints. 

Anyway back to the matter in hand...

Ruth and Christina have both used pictures of Joanna Lumley for this post, I have plumped for Joan Collins.

1. What is your favourite time of day and why?...
My favourite time of day is dawn, I love the birth of a new day, especially when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, like the first day of a holiday, when you arrived in the dark,  I love watching a new landscape emerge, with nobody else about, I usually end up going back to bed though, by nature I am a night owl.
  Dawn Breaks Over Cadaques, North East Spain, Taken from our hotel balcony.

2. Salt or Sugar?...
I am definitely a savoury person, although at certain times of the month all I want is chocolate.

3. Sea or mountains...
The Sea, I love the sea, which is ironic as we live at the foothills of the Pyrenees.

4.  What Country would you like to visit and why?...
Italy, I want to do a grand tour, by sports car visiting everywhere, because it's such a beautiful country with beautiful architecture and so much culture, I also want to visit India, because the culture is so different, I want to see the vibrancy, the chaos and the beauty.

 Holi Festival, India

Palace, Rajput

5.  Favourite Song?...
God, this is a difficult many...I think it would have to be Barcarolle from 'The Tales of Hoffman' by Offenbach. Sung beautifully below.

6.  Do you cook? What is your favourite dish to make?...
I love to cook, I love entertaining, and having loads of delicious plates of food on the table, with lots of good wine and good company, I am especially partial to long lazy lunches that go on well into the night and sometimes beyond!  Boeuf Bourguignon is probably my favourite dish.  I also love to make soup in the winter months with warm crusty bread, especially chicken soup unfortunately my chicken soup will never be as good as my Grandmothers!

7.  What is the one thing you want to do before you die?...
This is difficult, I have done so much in my life and still have a lot of things I want to do, I cannot think of one thing, I guess the ultimate is just to be totally content and have no regrets.

8.  Favourite flower?...
Another difficult one, I adore flowers, I love wild flowers, fields of red poppies and woods with carpets of bluebells, cut flower wise I love Roses and all types of Lilly and in winter I love to fill the house with Anemones.

9.  What 3 words would your friends outside the Blogging World use to describe you?...
Crumbs, I have not seen some of my good friends for so long, I have no ideaprobably be eccentric, excessive and absent!

10.  What five people dead or alive would you invite round for dinner and why?...
Ooh I like good talkers and interesting conversations, so I would love to invite, David Niven, David Attenborough, The Dalai Lama, Joan Collins, Dirk Bogarde, Colette, Christina Lindsay and Ruth Johnson, whoops that's eight, told you I was excessive!

11. Who wrote the last book you read and what was the title?...
The last book I read was written by Kathryn Stockett and it was called 'The Help'It was brilliant, I could not put it down.

12.  If a movie was made about your life what would the title be?...
I am such a gypsy by nature it would probably be something like; 'Driftwood'  And I think either Rachel Weisz or Helena Bonham-Carter, would be perfect for the roll!

Rachel Weisz
Helena Bonham-Carter

13What is your favourite hobby?...
Blogging and reading.

14.  Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?...  
Tea, I find it really thirst quenching in the morning, I need about four cups to get me going and another one in the afternoon,  I do drink coffee but not very often.

15.  If you had to choose wine or Champagne and why?...
Can't choose, I live in France, with a wine expert, Sometimes white wine, sometimes red wine, sometimes dessert wine, it depends what you are eating, Champagne is for a lift, so whenever really....

16.  How do you order in a restaurant - Look at the dessert then order the main and don't worry about having room for dessert?...
It depends how hungry I am, and whats on the menu, usually I love starters, so I always have one, then a main, most of the time I skip dessert and just have cheese.

Oop's I have just realised  I have just done the entire tag incorrectly! (Well I am still recovering from food poisoning!)  Sorry Ruth, Christina, I will have to save the questions I should have answered for a future post, and think up some new intriguing one's to ask all of you.  Also something very weird is going on with my text and spacing, I have done something wrong but have no idea what!


  1. Love getting to know you better, Dash, and I really help you feel better soon!

  2. loved all of this..we are alot alike...even though we are worlds apart...and our love of dogs too

    sending love to you and crusoe

    kary and teddy

  3. Dear Dash,

    Food poisoning is awful; I hope you'll rest and take care until you're well. This was a wonderful way to learn more about you. Will you tag as well?

    Happy Sunday!

  4. That is one dinner party I would love to attend!!
    I so enjoyed this!

  5. e, I will be tagging, I published too soon, and am trying to figure out how to sort my post problems out, without deleting the post and starting the whole process again! so watch this space!!!

  6. Hope the food poisoning clears up....and how rotten that it was one of your favourite places..

  7. Dear Dash, I loved your answers! That's sound like a dinner party I would definitely want to be at! Gorgeous picture of Helena, probably the nicest I've seen.

    I'm off to check out that book as your recommendations are always wonderful.

    Blogger is behaving strangely - my post yesterday inexplicably translated itself into Hindi!! I had to change all my settings. What a faff!

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  8. Dash - great answers! Really hope that your food poisoning bout has passed and that you're feeling better.

    Ali x

  9. Oh you poor thing I once had terrible food poisoning from rice when I was breast feeding... it was dreadful you have all my sympathy.
    I loved your answers no worries it is all for fun.
    I hope you are feeling better tomorrow
    something is up with blogger as you cant follow anyone new at the moment either xx

  10. oh...I hope you feel better soon... I know exactly how food poisoning feels. I've been in hospital two times because of it and every time I felt like I was knocking on heaven's door! Horrible!

    I really like your answers...a gypsy by nature...sounds somehow like me...can you imagine that I moved 8 times in the last 15 years?
    I try not to be absent for my friends but it's not easy, isn't it? I love them all but I'm too busy...often too tired...And when I'm not tired and busy, my friends are. And my very best friend lives in South Korea.
    You are the first blogger I've met who mentions Barcarole...I love's one of my mom's favs too. I love operas. The Met last year in october was one of the VERY, VERY greatest happenings in my life. I'll never forget it. I absolutely need to go there again...

    Italy is WONDERFUL! Go there! I've been there many times and I love it! Wonderful, warm open-minded people, fantastic food...Go there!

    Wonderful post. I mean it. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Ooh, nasty food poisoning. I didn't know lettuce could be so lethal!

    I hope you make a speedy recovery.

    A very interesting post despite your incapacity. :)

  12. Sorry to hear about your food poisoning.I can imagine you went thru hell & back.Write a letter to the resto & tell them what happened.You might get a refund & an apology.
    I liked all your answers Dash tho I would have sqeezed in Cecil Beaton & Isabelle Blow in your list of ppl to dine with!

  13. Really enjoyed this but sorry you were sooo ill and hope you are 100% recovered now. x

  14. I very much enjoyed getting to know you more. Hope you feel better soon. e xxx

  15. I enjoyed learning more about you. Boeuf Bourguignon is on my to-do list. I've never made it. It seems like a perfect Winter dish. I loved The Help too! Great book.

  16. Thank you very much.
    I'm happy that you want to follow my blog.
    I hope you like cats.
    It took me a month to catch her there and to make these pictures. And I almost ruined my lens (it's a high tree and I had to climb!)!

  17. Such great answers! I relate to quite a few of wonderful that you're done with the horrible food poisoning, but how terrible that it was inflicted upon you by a favorite spot!

  18. Hi Dash
    I hope you feel better soon.... not a great way to end your trip away.....

    It's great to get to you know a little more.. I'm in total agreeance re the trip around Italy.. in fact i have done it but many many moons ago and missed some spots so need a do-over..

    Hope you feel better soon!!! that's some pic of Joan collins.. I wouldn't have recognised her.. xxx Julie

  19. I loved your answers, some of mine would have been very similar.

    Sending you well wishes that you recover soon x

  20. your header is beautiful.

    now I follow you.
    follow me,too.



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