Monday, August 16, 2010

Marciac Jazz Festival

Jazz In Marciac is a two week international jazz festival which is usually held during the first two weeks in August, in the small town of Marciac in The Gers, South West France.  Over the years some of Jazz's greatest luminaries have played at Marciac, this year's line up included, Diana Krall, Gilberto Gil, Jamie Cullum and Paco de Lucia.

Le Grand Chapiteau (Big Tent), situated in the towns rugby stadium is the main stage with two headline acts playing every evening, but in the town itself the main square houses another huge tent with a stage where acts play throughout the day for free.

We were going to go and see one of the main acts and stay over (camping) but MG's new all singing, all dancing tent which he ordered off the internet did not arrive on time, ahh shame!  Instead we went last Sunday for lunch with friends and MG and I went yesterday for the last day and the big finale in the square.

It was a brilliant atmosphere and I have tried to capture it....

Marciac is a forty five minute drive from us, the drive is beautiful, leaving the dramatic landscape of the Pyrenees and heading North into the soft rolling countryside of The Gers.

Fields of Sunflowers whizzing by.

Napoleons Trees, nearly there...

The Main Square

We found ourselves a suitable position so we could watch the world go by and order vast amounts of Rose.

Lots of people wandering about and lot's of stalls.

Get your jazz hat here!

We are still in France, these African gentlemen looked amazing, they were selling spectacular hand crafted silver jewelery from Africa and enjoyed a good haggle.

What is that silver thing sticking out of his shoulder?


The Armagnac stand.

What, no takers, in the heart of Armagnac?  Well it is lunchtime, perhaps later!


Ever wondered what the French do at a festival?  Lots of eating and drinking.

So many places to have lunch.

And of course listen to the music.

These guys were great they were playing Woody Allen type music, ragtime?  It was very upbeat and relaxing, the atmosphere was wonderful.

The French at play!




Even the local Gendarmes were smiling.

At one point the heavens opened and there was a brief shower, nobody was too worried.

Ahh, a rainbow.

All in all a very good day.


  1. It looks like lots of fun. I've never been to Southwestern France, but it looks beautiful, especially the sunflowers in bloom.

  2. That was super..both text and photographs.
    It really made that atmosphere come to life on the screen.
    Crusoe is making a good job of guarding that bag, too.

    Um...are you white water rafting after this day out?

  3. The silver item sticking out of the African man's garb totally looks like a sword.

    And I love the shot of the fellow in the top hat.

    To eat food like that and listen to jazz sounds marvelous to me. I love that they even included ragtime.

  4. It looks fabulous ... I love the market I bet the jewellery was amazing xx

  5. It looks like a great day. You so did the right thing! I love the look of the stalls too. You are really making me want to go on holiday AGAIN!! xx


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