Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Return to 1950's Glamour

I adore Louis Vuittons AW 2010 advertising campaign, featuring models; Christy Turlington (so good to see her back, looking fabulous), Natalia Vodianova and Karen Elson, photographed by Stephen Meisel.

The photographs, styling and fashion remind me of  the glamorous film stars, photographers and fashion of the fifties which I am sure is the point... gorgeous.


  1. AGREED!!! I love this campaign too! It's lushly feminine and womanly and I think the styling is incredibly elegant. Such a breath of fresh air compared to the flood of all things grunge-esque.

  2. I love these ads, and I so want to buy the black dress that Christy Turlington is wearing.
    Where can I get one on sale?

  3. Hi Dash
    These ads are gorgeous.. I haven't seen them before..

    I sometimes wish I was alive in that era... the style, the fashions.. the glamour.. beautiful..

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.. xxx Julie

  4. I love the look of these ads, and that fifties look even though it isn't flattering for every body type. Such a great and glamorous look.

  5. These photos are lovely and I love the look, but am more of a sixties slut personally :) xx

  6. Hey Dash
    Me again... was that you with the movie tip???? will have to check out if it is available here... thanks.. xxx

  7. Love these images - I love the simplicity of their hair. A ponytail - I can do that!

    I will need to shell out on long leather gloves by the looks of things too!


    Ali x

  8. So agree. These ads are stunning Dash x

  9. Oh so glamorous adverts...almost reminded me of dramatist Ruth Draper's style.

  10. You are right! So glamorous... And Christy Turlington is so very beautiful.

  11. Christy is my favourite model of all time. I love these pictures, I'm a sucker for anything by Meisel. I did wonder why they chose to fit every one of Christy's dresses so tight that her boobs bulged over quite so much though. I've seen the dresses on other models and they don't fit like that on any of them xx

  12. ...oh it was so wonderful to dress up...to go anywhere...and we did!

  13. Agree with everyone above.Dash its a gorgeous campaign but alas the 50's volume of the clothes will be toned down for the boutiques to adapt to the customers.Except for one I'm not too keen about the bags.
    Personally I'm a Flapper girl at heart but how not to love the glamour of the 50s!
    Christy T is perfection :)

    This Meisel campaign is quite odd actually.There are a number of photoshop blunders.Look at the 1st picture & you'll notice that the mirrored reflection of center model Natalia does not correspond with her hand on her bosom.LOL!

  14. Jean like you I prefer the fashions of the twenties and thirties, in fact I have only had one fifties style skirt in my wardrobe and I never wear it as I always feel not quite right in it, so it will be interesting to see if this trend catches on. I do though love some of the images of the fifties, Grace Kelly and Norman Parkinson's fashion shoots spring to mind, beautifully elegant, but a bit too prim for me!
    Gosh your spot on about the photoshop blunders, I hadn't noticed!

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