Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sixties Summer Glamour

It's been a very dreary day, overcast and raining here in the Pyrenees, I have been loafing round the house, I turned the TV on earlier and watched some crazy sixties spy film, shot in some beautiful locations the women in the film were wonderfully glamourous all sporting silk capri pants with matching embroidered tunics, floaty kaftan style dresses and amazing hairstyles, up with added pieces, coils and tendrils elegantly hanging down, I have been inspired...

 1967, Marisa Berenson
 Marisa Berenson

 1967, Marisa Berenson In Sardinia Wearing A Pucci Slip

 1969, Marisa Berenson

1965, Veruschka


Marisa Berenson

Well that's brightened my day up, we are off to The Cote d'Azur for ten days at the beginning of September, If I could achieve this level of glamour I would be one happy bunny, especially if I could get hold of that gold kaftan in the first picture!


  1. Off to the Cote? You'd better have a few natural hair extensions packed in with your gear if you want to work this Sixties vibe!

    Honestly, those pix could have been taken last week, they are so FRESH!

    Send us back pix!

    Ali x

  2. I love Marisa Berenson, she was so beautiful, the most amazing blue eyes, what was that film she was in? set in Germany she was Jewish?? Mephisto?? oh my poor head! Bx

  3. Such gorgeous images xx
    I would love to have worn all that gear xx

  4. happy to see you on my bloglist's been a while

    how is crusoe???

    teddy is doing really well..i LOVE and ADORE this little red toy poodle...he is the center of my world

    i have missed you, my friend
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

    central coast, california

  5. Dear Dash, I love all those looks and the colours are wonderful. Ten days in the Cote d'Azur will be fabulous.

    I'm always looking for the perfect kaftan. I'm going to have some made, I've been collecting pictures to show him what I want. I might have to have a few... xx

  6. Or the Pucci slip. Oh, to have those hips! Isn't it interesting that these photos are 40 years old and as fresh as yesterday. Enjoy your trip - and turn a few heads!

  7. Dear Dash - these are gorgeous - I can just imagine you swanning around the beach clubs on the Cote dressed in one of them....perfect! Thank you so much for your sweet comment - we would love to drop in one day! I just wanted to try and picture where you are in relation to where we are going - then when I read your lovely posts and see your beautiful surroundings, I can put a place to the pictures! Glad you managed some downtime today - always good for the soul! x P.S. I'm getting worried that after this trip, the deal may be sealed - we may be moving again (at least it's not so far this time!)

  8. What a beautiful post! That's what 'glamorous' means, certainly. I love your blog. xo

  9. Happy holiday, Dash! I hope you'll share some of that here. It's been rainy here as well but that hasn't cooled the high heat and humidity.

  10. What wonderfull images. Sixties glamour is fabulous. Oh to waft around looking like that. Have a great hols. e xx

  11. Wonderful Dash...did you see her in I am Love?
    She still has the look albeit with a bit of help in recent years. I could spend all my days in floaty, silky
    anything!! These are beautiful!!

    Jeanne :)

  12. Isn't the elephant chain supporting the swing bed spectacular?!?


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