Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have started thinking about interiors again, I used to think about them a lot, scour antique fairs, brocantes and e bay for wonderful treasures, our house is almost done, so I have been concentrating on other things.  Recently I have been thinking about dressing tables and mirrors, I don't have a proper dressing table, just a chest of drawers with a mirror plonked on the top, I would love a proper dressing table.  I covet the dressing table in the picture above it belongs to Georgina Chapman co founder of Marchesa, I have a much better photo of it from another magazine, which is in my scrapbook, I can't post it because I don't know how the new scanner works the scanner is broken.

I love mirrors, used correctly they can make a room look fabulous.  Below are more images of dressing tables and mirrory things that caught my eye.

'Love' I want this one!

Love the curtains and the polished floor, the dressing table looks pretty enough but no drawers!

This one is pretty it reminds me of my Mothers

 Love the wood with the mirrors


Via Home, to be honest will probably go for something more like this, much more fitting for a farmhouse and I have similar one's in the guestrooms.

Via Home, rethink, this could work in a farmhouse

Love the mirror but I would send that vase flying!

Via Jeanne at Collage of Life, seriously coveting those mirrored doors

 Via Architect Design, this bathroom is well over the top but so glamourous, although I would worry about slipping on that floor!

Fit for a Maharajah, Palace in Jaipur

The ultimate mirrored room 'Grande Galerie des Glaces', Palace of Versailles, no wonder there was a revolution!


  1. You know the mirrored dressing table where you merely said, "Wow"? Is it wrong that somehow that reminds me of Liberace? It just feels to me like that should be his dressing table. Maybe because he had so much sparkle, frill and fabulousness that something like that would be suitable for him when he was alive. :)

  2. Your not wrong Sara, it's wonderfully ostentatious just like Liberace!

  3. I loved the wooden one...
    I'm looking forward to building our new house and and having a super time with interior design magazines in the meantime...for some reason both our lawyers...ladies...have a great selection in their offices!

  4. I like the wooden one, but I have no dressing table or chest of drawers. I use a 1920's era wooden desk that once belonged to my grandmother.

    Have fun exploring interiors! I loved your previous post.

  5. The doors, the mirrored doors. They would look sooo good in my apartment.
    I almost bought a mirrored dresser, much like the one in the second photo, in Oregon ! I now wish I had not listened to my husband when he said we didn't need it.
    bah ! men always say that !

  6. That Wow dressing table is just so Wow! I would love it.
    I not only want a dressing table, I want my own boudouir!

  7. I love mirrors as well, Dash. They are so flirty and feminine.

  8. Me too ... I just have a chest of drawers with a mirror plonked on top, which is rubbish cos you need to SIT at a dressing table really. I want that top one too. Oh - and my scanner is similarly 'broken'.

  9. Boy have you opened my eyes. Never saw much point in dressing tables - Mother had one but used it as a desk. Now, I'd like to add a little mirrored number to my bedroom. But, alas, I'd need to find one that's a bit less sparkly. What a lovely post.

  10. I love the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. I wanted it to be my bedroom. Laugh.

    Someone did tell me that I resembled a bust of Marie Antoinette on a tour. Figures. I'm such a bitch, I would have been beheaded in record time.

  11. I love dressing tables. The mirrored ones are beautiful. a few of my friends have them, the only problem is they are prone to chipping a lot. There's so many different pieces of mirror to go wrong and I'm quite clumsy.

    I have a Twenties walnut one which I bought on Ebay about ten years ago, it came with a matching tallboy and I paid £40.

    Let us know which one you pick! Hope you're having a good week xx

  12. Hello!

    I was looking for 20's images for a make-up job, and I discovered you blog! I think it's very complete and with a very good documentation. Congratulations!

  13. My mother still has her original mirrored dressing table. Our conversations that took place while she applied her make up is a huge memory of my childhood. She still does so today, but it evokes a Grey Gardens feeling these days.

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