Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over!

Yes, my cup is certainly running over, I am honoured to say that last week I was bestowed with lovely awards.

  First up was 'The Beautiful Blogger Award', given to me from the lovely and talented Sharon over at: My French Country Home.  Sharon has her own beautiful blog, she is based in Normandy, and is a lady with many strings to her bow.

The second award was The 'I Love Your Blog' Awarded by the wonderful Sara Louise from Sara In Le Petit Village.  Sara, lives in a small village in Provence and her beautifully written blog is all about her experiences, Sara is a wonderful writer and she gives great metaphor.

The rules for The beautiful blogger award are I have to reveal seven things about myself and pass on the award to seven other bloggers, as I gave out some awards recently, I am going to award seven other bloggers at a later date.  So in no particular order, here are my seven things:

 Now ladies please don't be jealouse, but I have it on very good authority that I once gave Colin Firth a cold.

  Colin Firth as Mr Darcy

 I wish I could play the piano, for a long time I have harboured a fantasy, I go into a wonderful room, with some friends and in the room is a beautiful grand piano, I go up to tinkle the ivories and play beautifully like a major concert pianist. My friends are dumbfounded and amazed, they say things like "gosh, Dash you are so talented, we did not know you could play the piano".   I am of course, suitably modest and say something like "well it's just a little something I learnt along the way".

 Steinway Grand Piano

When I am in my dotage, God willing, I don't just want to become grey and invisible.  No, I want to be wonderfully eccentric, I would like to dye my hair pink, like Zandra Rhodes or be truly elegant like the 81 year old model Daphne Selfe.

Zandra Rhodes

Daphne Selfe

Daphne Selfe

I am a real water baby, I love swimming in the sea, one of these days I am determined to learn to water ski, preferably in lovely warm water, perhaps The Mediterranean, I also want to swim in the wild with dolphins and sea lions.


  MG is a petrol head, and I have become one by osmosis, I have a passion for vintage and retro cars, I adore the E type Jaguar but my favourite is the Bugatti Atlantic.

Bugatti Atlantic

I am longing to get a long muzzled girlfriend for Crusoe, my dog of choice is a Saluki, the oldest domestic dog breed in the world, they are beautiful.


I have a secret (not any more!) crush on Tim Wannacott, his knowledge of antiques and history knows no bounds, I would love to go on a date antiquing with him.

Tim Wannacott, photo by Moody Kell

That concludes my seven things, I have had a lot of fun doing this.


  1. OK Lady - you can't drop a bomb like 'I gave Colin Firth a cold' and leave it at that! So what were you doing with Mr.Darcy to make him sneeze? And no detail is too small, don't leave anything out, especially any naughty bits ;-)

  2. Wonderful! But do tell us about you and Colin, dear!

  3. Oh, what a fabulous list!
    You simply must get a Saluki!!

    And congratulations on your awards!

  4. Yes~ spill about your passing-on of cold germs! Your captive audience needs to know. I do love your list and congrats on the well deserved awards.

  5. Congratulations, ma chere, you most certainly deserve this award.

    You are a joy. I've decided to imagine how you gave him a cold. (I hope I'm right.)



  6. is official, you are one cool woman!! Mr Darcy is getting a lot of play this week, do you think their ears are burning?? Forget that, I want to know about this cold!!!

    Piano...go for it, to be an eccentric cool woman you have to learn to play the piano. It will make you a tres woman!

    I need to find out who Daphne Selfe is....oh, the sheltered life I lead..not cool!

    I went water skiing, got tangled up in a bunch of seaweed and that was the last time!

    Very cool cars..but I keep thinking of those old Morris Minors...I guess that makes me just weird!

    Dog..yes, very elegant and very french.. how does Crusoe feel about this idea???

    Tim....well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
    Very cool bow tie!

    All this and a big congratulations for your, so, so well deserved.

    All the best Dash :)

    Jeanne xx

    PS....when and where can I send this bag back to you???

  7. Hi Dash, a huge bunch of congratulations on your awards and an even bigger one for your list. Like everything you write it is entertaining and oh so informative..I love that! Like Jeanne, I haven't heard of Daphne Selfe either (but I live in Australia, we're sheltered here!) but if I could look like that at 80 I would definitely like to know her secret. Speaking of secrets...Mr Firth???

  8. Hi Dash - great list & maybe you should take up piano lessons!!!?? I can just imagine you sitting at the grand, Crusoe & sleek saluki girlfriend close by dressed a la the elegant Ms Selfe...chic-ness personified! Here's to wishes that come true....x

  9. CONGRATS on your awards! It's better to have a cup running over than an empty cup... ENJOY!

  10. I love your list, particularly since you are so mysterious, I feel that any little glimpse you give is precious.

  11. Colin Firth is delicious, cold or no cold.

    I couldn't agree with you more re: becoming more eccentric with old age - I often think life would be more interesting if I went around acting and dressing like a slightly crazy person. I'd definitely get a free seat on trains and buses!
    And I love little old ladies who have that bright blue/lilac hair. I'm looking forward to my dotage already!

  12. Thank you for all your comments on this post. I couldn't possibly expose the truth about Colin's cold, I am not the kind of girl who kisses and tells and that is not a clue, besides you may find the truth an anti climax, you will just have to use your imaginations!


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