Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh The Shame!

The other day MG suddenly announced that I had to take him down to the local garage, so he could pick up his car, which had been in for repair, I dropped him off and decided to go to the supermarket as I needed a few bits. Somewhere amongst the tinned tomatoes and pasta sauces, I happened to look down and to my absolute horror, I realised I was wearing my slippers.

Not that anyone round here would notice or even care, it is in fact quite normal to see people in their slippers in this rural corner of France.  So this obviously means I am turning native, I am only a few steps away from 'The Nylon Floral Tabard' teamed with white farm wellies or galoshes, a look which is oh so fashionable in our village.


When I got home from the supermarket I scrutinised myself in the mirror, what a fright, my roots needed doing, my hands are starting to look like I have worked the land for most of my life, and my feet, well, the less said the better and I could do with a good old waxing session.

Immediate action was called for, I booked myself an appointment at my hairdressers, ( in my former life, I had my hair cut and coloured once a month and I went for a wash and blow dry every week, now I just seem to go to the salon when my hair is too awful to bear).  I also intend to make an appointment with the local beauty salon for a manicure, pedicure, and full leg wax.

I love make up but I don't wear it very often round here, perhaps a quick flick of mascara and some lip gloss if we are going out locally, I do put on the whole box of tricks when we are away, I am very good at moisturising and sunscreen, which is a must in this climate.

I don't have to worry about clothes, I have a wardrobe full of beautiful, classical clothes, which I hardly ever get the opportunity to wear, unless I go somewhere, I suppose the advantage of this is that they remain as good as new. It's a good job I have never been a slave to fashion as all my clothes would be seriously outdated now.  No these days my attire is restricted to jeans, woolly sweaters, fleeces and wellies in the Winter and cut off denim shorts, T shirts and espadrilles in the Summer.

Current Life Everyday Footwear

In my former life I used to have a serious shoe hobby, I still do but it is dormant at the moment but soon awakens within fifty paces of a good shoe shop, good job there is no decent shoe shops round here, in fact France is not very good on shoes except at the very top end of the market.  Step over the border to Spain or Italy and temptation lurks everywhere.

 Former Life Footwear

Well after all my pampering I would like to do something sophisticated like go to the opera in Toulouse or spend a few days in Paris but with an influx of Summer guests soon to descend on us, I will have to Spring clean the house, oh joy, the polishing floors and cleaning windows type of cleaning something I have skilfully managed to avoid or put off until tomorrow but tomorrow is now upon us.  My sophisticated sojourn will just have to wait.


  1. I'm sure it wasn't all that bad, and I'm just as sure that you look gorgeous!

  2. I'm spring cleaning today as well. Closets. Ugh.
    But I did have a pedicure just yesterday, and it was absolute heaven! Ten perfect pink toes now!

    But I agree with Stephanie... I'm sure you looked wonderful.

  3. Oh Dash - I was laughing as I read this....since we moved to the English countryside I have acquired things like green waxed jackets and welly boots...all my lovely 'Sydney' stuff sits, unused, in various cupboards and boxes. I do worry sometimes that I'm turning 'native'!! I need a cosmopolitan fix, soon!!! Can I come to the salon with you? x

  4. Snap! I wrote about beauty too today. Must be in the air!!

  5. Oh dear, Dash! I so know what you're saying. The number of times I emerge from the shower and think I'll dress a bit better today, only to change back into boots and jeans an hour later 'cos I need to feed horses or pull weeds.
    Wrong wardrobe or wrong life?

  6. Cute... you do make me laugh and I hope you enjoy your mini makeover! And love your 'former life' footwear too! But also your 'now life' footwear is practical and looks good too! x

  7. It's the same on this side of the pond - do you say "pond" in France, or only in England? Since working at home, my nails are terrible and many days I work until after lunch in my jammies - seriously! And slippers? What else would one wear? I don't understand the issue!

    Love your big city shoes, tho! There used to be a good string quartet headquartered in Toulouse, but I can't think of the name right now. Perhaps a good opportunity to struck your [old] stuff?

  8. Oh you made me laugh....I know exactly what you mean! It's been so warm today and I put sandals on to go out and promptly took them off as my toes looked terrible! In my previous life I had a pedicure once a month and always had "presentable" feet. Now I seem to only do them when I need too, I've realised how much I've let things slip as I don't need to do them. So I decided that I must pull my socks up and have given my feet a bit of t.l.c. tonight and am waiting for the nail lacquer to dry as I type this!

    P.S. Love the shoes (glam ones!)

  9. o i hear ya too sista!
    ... and then i remember where i live
    have a good one

  10. Well...despite the slippers, roots and waxing deficit..I still want your life :) Enjoy the spring cleaning!!

  11. Dash - I swear that we live parallel lives... We could do a 'practical' shoe swap (most of my gorgeoustest ones burnt and there has been no point in replacing all of them since ... country forbids)
    Dare I admit that I too have gone out in my slippers (albeit really cool). Lucky one of the kids noticed as I got into the car so I was saved from shame at their private school which is a boasts a microscopic replica population of the chic western suburbs of Paris, if you get what I mean!
    Sigh - if you make it to Toulouse - we can do a make up and girlie evening ;-)

  12. OMG!...I did the same thing this week...I was half way to my destination only to realize I still had on my bedroom slippers...could this be an age thing??? We live in the city of Chicago so I was a bit worried, but my husband said..."no ones looking, just keep on walking"..and he was one is really paying attention to a 58 year old woman...the slippers are stylish by the way not big shaggy looking things...(I am trying to make myself feel better and not so embarrassed)

  13. Oh how I can relate Dash! Dublin me and Le Petit Village me are two different birds entirely. I used to always be dressed, and found some reason to be in the salon once a week. Now, it's all about comfort and ease. But if I see myself reaching for one of those nylon smock things; I'm grabbing my stilettos and heading straight for a city!

  14. How funny Dash...
    You know I don't live in the country.. but I'm slipping into these same ways... it started with too much work last year to care.. and now too disinterested I guess... slack.. haven't had my hair done in months... looking oh so grey!!! Well... i really laughed about the slipper thing... many a time I have been driving into work [in the city] and it hits me.. did I bring my shoes???? please!!!!! I did do that once back in my 20's .. was only gym shoes .. but back then I felt like it was as bad as slippers.... love your dress shoes.. your grown up going out shoes... i have some similar that I haven't worn in years.....

    My worse habit is forgetting my glasses.. and having to wear sunglasses inside the office all day!!

    Have fun refreshing and spring cleaning yourself!! xxx Julie

  15. I had to smile when I read your post as there is a man in our village who walks to the boulangerie in his dressing gown and slippers :-)

    So when in France do as the French do...

    Leeann x

  16. You are my birthday celebration and shoe buying twin and I claim my £5

  17. I just wanted to say hello since I just joined your blog and have since been just lurking.

    I love the former-life shoes.

    Maybe you could feel all retro and 50s and do your Spring Cleaning in a dress, apron and heels? ;_

  18. Fear not, I once stood next to 2 of the bananas from Bananarama, both wearing slippers....and I myself can be regularly found dashing round to the garage to buy the Sunday papers in PJs and a Mac.....

  19. That tabard would be somewhat exiguous on most of the ladies round here - might cause a few heart attacks from overexcitement among the gentlemen in torn caps and vests.

  20. Well, I think we are all on the same wave length here. Your shoe shots are great, I think you still must have looked fab even in slippers and yes it is that time of year or time in my life, not sure which. Hair, hands, feet, clothes...all lacking in serious attention, all need an overhaul and like you, the appointments are lining up. One day at a time, I say :)


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  22. Love the shoes from your former life! I would die to live in France, anywhere in France! Most of the paintings you have displayed are some of my favorites.


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