Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three Fabulous Women

Patricia Neal 1926 - 2010

I have had this post in draft for some time now, it was originally going to be a post about three generations of beautiful and talented women, sadly Patricia Neal passed away on Monday, so I am now publishing it as a tribute.

Patricia Neal was a talented American actress who starred in many films, most notably 'Hud' starring opposite Paul Newman, for which she won an academy award, she also starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Fountainhead.  She went on to marry the children's author Roald Dahl, they had five children.

Her legacy lives on in the wonderful films she starred in and with her children and grandchildren.
Tessa, her daughter and Sophie her Granddaughter have inherited her beauty, warmth and style.




  1. Patricia Neal was a radiant actress and her death is a loss. Was not familiar with her daughter and granddaughter, so thanks for introducing them. RIP, Patricia.

  2. Beautiful photographs and a nice way to end my day here!

  3. what a wonderful tribute-and to have passed down grace and beauty to her daughter and granddaughter. I love the photograph of PN with the children all about her-it tells much. I used this one in my memoriam to her as well. She was of course a Knoxville TN girl where she has supreme pride of place. pgt

  4. A lovely tribute. I recognized some of the photos of her daughter and granddaughter, but never knew who they were. As always, you inform and delight! (missed you!)

  5. Dear Dash, I'm glad you're back!!

    What a lovely post and some beautiful pictures. I particularly like the one with the children. All three of them have beauty and intelligence in common.

    Hope you've had a good time visiting friends. How was the jazz festival?

    Hope you get your Mac very soon, Love C xxx

  6. A very rich and beautiful gene pool here.
    When I saw that very first photograph of Patricia, I immediately thought what a strong resemblance she has with Sophie. Gorgeous faces all.

  7. Lovely photos. What an amazing gene pool in that family.

  8. As always, I love your posts about glamorous and interesting women.

  9. Missed you!

    I never knew that Sohpie Dahl was the grand-daughter of Patricia Neale! But then, I live in a cultural vacuum for most of the time!

    Am I the only person in the world who has cooked loads of things from Sophie's cookbook?! I keep cooking in the hope that it will turn me into a winsome toothy super model....I'll let you know when the transformation takes place :-)

    Lovely, lovely pix.

    Ali xxxx

  10. HI Dash
    How great to see you... I've been having my own computer/internet issues and not getting around as much as I'd like..

    I hadn't heard of Patricia Neal's death... so sad.. and what a strong yet beautiful face she had... Love that first image...

    Hope you are well.. xxx Julie

  11. Hi Dash so lovely to see you back where you belong ...entertaining us xx
    I now seem to be in the position you were in .. I have a thousand words and things that I would love to talk about but too little time to get the chance.
    I just check my blog roll whilst having a coffee and comment on my favourite blogs..of which of course you are one.
    I love this post .. what a stunning family I love Sophie and bought her book ...although I do that a lot I buy cookery books and seldom use them.
    I loved Breakfast at Tiffany's and always thought the older woman was old...but of course now I watch and she was young :)
    Lovely tribute xx

  12. What a lovely tribute, and what beautiful women!

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  14. I can only assume your local ironing service is back from their holiday.
    Beautiful images, lovely tribute.
    You were greatly missed.
    X David

  15. Mr. C is reading Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains, which references Neal's other daughter, Ophelia. I had originally thought it was Tessa, and so deleted my earlier comment about that connection.

  16. I'm ashamed to say I thought she was already no longer with us so I was taken aback by the sad news of her death.
    What a Woman.A splendid actress,devoted mother & fighter.She went through so many persoanl & health battles in her life.
    I never miss any of her films when they pass on TV.I recall the fabulous Glenda Jackson playing the role of Miss Neal in a TV movie called The Patricia Neal Story alongside Dirk Bogarde.Not to be missed & prepare your box of kleenex.May she rest in peace...

    P.S. Where on earth have I been?Your blog is Ab Fab!


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