Saturday, November 6, 2010

Historical Influences

Melanie Thierry in the newly released film 'La Princesse de Montpensier'

In my recent internet wanderings I have discovered there seems to be a bit of a renaissance going on with historical fashions especially the late Victorian and Edwardian Eras.  I have definitely got the bug.  I  am totally hooked by ITV's new costume drama 'Downton Abbey' the costumes and jewellery are to die for, even MG who normally grunts at the very mention "costume drama" is impressed and is now commenting on how lovely the fashions are!

I would not be surprised if this years party season jewellery on the British high street is Edwardian inspired.

Stills from 'Downton Abbey'

Top Designers also appear to be taking influence from history:

That's the ladies sorted, what about the men? Is it just me or do gentlemen look particularly sexy in breeches, boots and floppy white shirts?

Downton Abbey Series One, Available Here in The UK and Available in The USA From January 11th Here


  1. Hi Dash, I've been MIA for awhile & your's is the 1st post I've read.
    What a wonderful post, darling. We don't get this show but I love love love these fashions & photos.
    Good job! xx's

  2. Hi Dash

    I wish I - and my horse - looked as good as that first picture when we hack out! I'll have to make more of an effort.


  3. As to the men...decidedly so!

    I love the film 'The Duellists' which seems to be making a come back...the photography is superb, of course...but those clothes!

  4. Dash, you've managed in this post to connect so many things that interst me, horses, history, 19th Century fiction, fashion and jewelry. There is something a little sad about the loss of use of the side saddle and those amazing riding habits.

    I love costume dramas and I used to watch all the BBC Masterpiece Theater shows. Is 'Downton Abbey' available on Netflix because I would love to see it. Also, I would love to see 'La Princesse de Montpensier'.

    Great post.

  5. Belle I don't think 'Downton Abbey' will be available as yet on netflix as it is only halfway though it's season on British TV however I bet there will be a box set DVD coming out for Christmas which will probably be available on Amazon. It is a wonderful series written by Julian Fellowes inspired by his film Gosford Park.

    I love sidesaddle too, so elegant but I found it very uncomfortable when I tried one out years ago! You really have to have a proper riding habit to look the part.

  6. Dash...this post hits all the buttons for me. One, I love the top photo and will be sure to check out this movie.
    Two..I am loving Downton Abbey and have my DVD pre-ordered and waiting in my Amazon shopping cart . Poor Julian Fellowes is taking a beating from purists but not me. I am loving every minute of it and look forward to Season 2.

    I am with you on the men looking sexy in breeches, boots and a floppy white shirt...Colin Firth all over again in Pride and Prejudice ;)

    As for the black skirt and white shirt for women, I was thinking the same thing for an upcoming Ball. It is a gorgeous combination and practical. The shirt has to have 'oomph' and the skirt has to be timeless. Throw on high heels and a little bling and I am out the door. Not to much fuss, just easy and elegant.

    Just as I said at the start, this post is hitting all the buttons for me. Thank you!!

    Jeanne xx

  7. PS...if anyone is interested, they can catch up on the episodes of Downton Abbey on ITV... more here...

    Jeanne :)

  8. I love it too! I'm completely hooked. You know I love period dramas and the costumes are fabulous.

    I've dug out a few from my shelf that I've bought and haven't watched, just in case I get withdrawal symptoms!

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  9. The late great Alexander McQueen channeled Edwardian influences often.
    I shall watch Downtown Abbey especially for Maggie Smith. One of my favourite actresses. I'll have to wait for the DVD though.
    Thankyou @ Jeanne for the trailer link!

  10. Fab outfits and fab pictures! Love Downton Abbey - clothes are absolutely divine and if anything is going to encourage me to shift a bit of weight it's the thought that I might get the opportunity to squeeze myself into one of those long black skirts WITH A CORSET!

    Ali x

  11. Downton Abbey starts here soon.
    I cannot wait!!
    Thanks to this delightful post, I have time to get my wardrobe ready!


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